Thursday, 7 July 2016

Marching on

It's Thursday already and I am tired beyond belief, but I'm  feeling very positive this morning,
'Why' you may ask?

Well, although yesterday was not too good for us a a team, we are marching on.

So yesterday...........

Middx went out to bat with 2 wickets in hand, and believe me when I say that Toby Roland -Jones must have had his weetabix yesterday morning at The Ambassador!
He hit  six sixes to head back to the pavilion on an unbeaten 79, giving them a  first innings total of 577.

My boys came out to bat  and just could not get into their stride, highest scorer being 'little Timmy Bresnan' on 39.
It was not to be their game as they slumped to an innings and 4 runs defeat.

Yes not good but when you look at the stats for defeats since Gillespie the Gallant took over over the helm, I have to say that you can be nothing but proud of the boys. .

They may have lost this battle but the war is far from over.

I, however,  very nearly lost my cool after lunch, when the 'born again' cricket fans  ( those that jumped on the yorkshire bandwagon when they became champions,) started to knock the players.

I have said it before and I will say it again, no one player is to blame, they are a team!

Slating these professionals does not gain you any 'brownie points' with die hard fans who have watched their team through  good and bad, rain, hail and snow, for years.

If we took the defeat badly, just imagine how they felt!!!!

Ah yes we will no doubt hear them extolling the  greatness of the club when they next win!

I have now said my piece on this and am marching onto our next encounter.

#srongunit  #champions

So my day in super Swanky Ladylainey office was same old, same old, and returning home to the chateau  I got busy doing all the things needed to get the  place into some sort of order.

Today I am  holding the fort as office boys start holiday and have meetings in London.

I might even find time to have a nap.................well that's the plan.!!! So on we march, heads held high and  full of pride.

And El Presidenti of  Middx CCC messaged me to say that my boys would bounce back.
What a star!

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