Monday, 8 August 2016

Down to earth with a bump!

It's Monday and there is not a lot that I can do about it, so best to get on with it.

after the most brilliant weekend its going to be tough, but hey I have to earn pennies for new tiaras and they can be very spendy, so onward and all that gubbins!

so what did I do on Sunday?

well it dawned with me still being super bouncy excited after 2 cracking days at HQ, I did washing ( of course).
I picked up said washing from my drive after it had blown off the line and  over the garage.

I thought I would mow the lawns but then got distracted and so binned that idea,

but I did cook, and prepared meals for lunch this week, which in the scale of things is super important.

Then I sat down to watch the Test match.

Well I have to say that England played nearly as well as Yorkshire.

Some great bowling especially from Moeen Ali saw us over the line and with a 2-1 lead ahead of Thursday at the Oval.

Well the radio will be tuned in at my desk for that........................or will it. Thursday is a big day  for me and my Boys as they will be going 'abroad' as they in QF action against Glamorgan. I think that we all know what I will be tuned into!

I am hoping that this week we get an update on the lovely Michael Carberry. Things have been very quiet since the shock news of his cancer diagnosis, and rightly so, this is a private battle for him. I do however wish him well.

I would also like to say a huge thank you to all my Headingley friends who made my 2 day stay a great one.
See you all soon

And now......................well its off to Super Swanky Lady Lainey office.

Oh Joy!!!

Who knows what will be waiting for me

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ricky said...

I didn't fancy work this morning to be honest !