Sunday, 7 August 2016

I love Yorkshire ( in case you didn't know)

I am late up this morning as I just could not get to sleep last night, I was just too excited!

So lets rewind.

I had a little walk into Headingley yesterday morning and bumped into my besty Brotton chums Davy and Jim, quick catch up and then back to put all my 'stuff' in the car.

Off to the ground and met  Grandad John as I went in, quick chat and took my seat.

Ray the gate keeper came over quick chat, had cup of coffee.

And then Yorkshire came out to bat! It was slow going  and they fought to make 150. His Royal Ryanness being the out for 0, which I can forgive after his heroics on Friday.

It was nearly lunchtime but the umpires decided that there would be one over before lunch.
I had nipped round to the Yorkshire Tea stand but peeped through to see the over bowled.
OMG!!!! HRR only took a chuffing wicket with the 4 th ball of the over. I nearly chucked my tea in the air!!


Mark and Sharon were keeping up to speed with the scores as they had a day out in York ( including a vegan feast)

Gary came round for a natter, I had another cup of coffee! ( bit hyper by now)

I found out that after Scarborough's game, Gary found himself on the train with the Middlesex lads and found himself in the strange position of 'Offical Middlesex Photographer'.
Well we can forgive him that!

The buzz around Headingley was amazing, what would my boys do next?

Well just before the 10th over Chopra and Bell, went which made me whoop with delight!

HRR got his second wicket of the innings as Ambrose went and it was a wonderful catch by TLJL!! That boy will go far mark my words! ( but hopefully not too far away form Yorkshire)
Patterson and Brooks took wickets but it was the demon spinner Adil Rashid who sealed Warwickshire's fate.

Over in 'cow corner' it went something like...
 8 wickets down, I, Lady Lainey put on my shades as my eyes were filling up.
9 wickets down, my eyes were brimming with tears.
10th wicket and I was in floods.

Those boys!!!

back in the car I had a jolly good cry, tears of joy you understand, I couldn't do anything but smile all the way back to The chateau!

Now other things were happening yesterday too, and jolly strange I might add.
Durham had bowled Somerset out  on Thursday for 184. Then they  were then all out for 189.
Somerset then posted 180.
Durham  started day 3 on 130-5 needing 46 runs to seal a victory.
Somerset decided this was not on and took an astonishing  5 wickets in 22 balls to win by 39 runs.

Not much more to add to that!

What I will say is that I watched 2 days of wonderful cricket. I know I am biased but my boys played a blinder.



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