Friday, 26 August 2016

It's F(ryan)day in Scarbados

It's F(ryan)day and I am struggling this morning with my super inflamed finger which obviously is not responding to the antibiotics, so time to hot foot it to the nearest 'walk in centre' I think.

However lets get back to yesterday and all that went on.
The rain subsided and it was obvious that there would be a delayed start.
I headed to the hotel reception and bumped into the Chairman Steve Denison. We had a chat and then both headed to the ground.

I couldn't believe how many people were there already and play was to begin at 11.45am.
I got settled and then  someone tapped me on the shoulder, I turned round to see the Preisdent of Yorkshire and is wife!!!!  we chatted for a while and then they went off to get their seats.

So the boys came out and played until just before lunch when acting captain Gary Ballance hit 101* and then they declared.

Notts went back into bat and and lost Steven Mullaney before 2 overs had been bowled.

This meant that those listening to the commentary on the radio were entertained by Steven who went up to join Cally and Dave Bracegirdle. And Steven had a bit of an argument over my name with 'the Girdler'. OMG!! I am becoming infamous.

I bumped into 'Big Luke ' Fletcher and gave him his daily sweetie ration as instructed to do by Sophie.

Notts got to 61-3 before the heavens opened and the rain came down, and down, and down and left I Lady Lainey looking like a drowned rat.
I got back to the hotel, got bathed and warmed through, nipped downstairs for something to eat and fell asleep in the bar!!!

I think that it was only for a few minutes! but hope that I didn't snore.

Had a phone call from my besty chum Sharron in Barnsley, we put the world to rights.
Firstly she told me that she had about 10 years ago stayed at The Atlanta Guest House and had the most wonderful time.
She said that Ed and Sue were brilliant and to be honest if ,10 years on you still remember them then they are doing something very right!
we moved on to discuss cricket, and discussed the weird world of men, strangest creatures I have ever encountered.................................

And that was Thursday.
We have had more rain over night but today we are going to have sun and a win,

Should they have enforced the follow on, on Wednesday?
Well bit late now so we just have to finish them all off today.

So best go and see if I  can get some relief for my finger.

Things I have enjoyed this week, cricket of course and meeting up with lovely people.

Things not enjoyed, rude men...................................................

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