Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Just like I have never been away

Ah yes day 2 in the Big Super Swanky Lady Lainey office has dawned and I not up for the challenge.

After wading through more emails than I care to think about and then trying to solve numerous problems I was ready for bed by the time I got home.

I did however manage to  start and sort out the 'summer'; wardrobe and divided it into a pile for the charity shop and a pile of things that I may wear next year.

too early, you may think, well as I have only two more cricket matches and birthday party to come onto my radar next month I thought it was a goods time to rummage through the wardrobes in the dressing room.

I have to say I am ashamed of myself at the amount of stuff in there, I think a massive clearout is long overdue.

My boys are in Southampton, for me, one of my old cricket haunts when I lived in former home of London.

I am expecting good news on the team front, ie, His Royal Raynness and TLJL both in the squad.

I will be checking twitter, however the radio will be tuned into the Middlesex match.

The candidates to take Gillespie the Gallants job are lining up with Paul Farbrace being thrown into the mix. Well he has been on the move alot since he left Yorkshire a couple of seasons ago, so one more move won't hurt.

Who do I see in contention, well I would like to think that HRR got a go, his days as opening bowler are marked now I think, he isn't getting any younger ( sorry Ryan, harsh but true).
We all know that it won't happen but I can dream.

Who ever it is they have some jolly big shoes to fill.

The current and soon to be previous coach, came as a novice and leaves as one of the most successful around.

Who else can say that their team have lost only 5 championship matches in 75?

not a lot I think.

Right off to get the limo out of the garage, and wend my way down the A1

Until tomorrow
a tout a l'heure

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