Wednesday, 3 August 2016


Well the day has dawned with the sun trying to put it; hat on and not doing a very good job of it!

I am up and ready to go to Super Swanky Lady Lainey office but have no motivation to go this morning. I fear motivation has got up and gone, with my get up and go!

An interesting read this morning as Durham claim that they are not in financial trouble and that all players contracts will be honoured.
After losing players last week and possibly more to go, it was interesting to see that Mark Stoneman had been offered a six figure contract!
WOW!!!! they must be making a mint on over priced dentists mouthwash masquerading as wine, and as they hike up the price of tea, coffee, burgers and coffee by 50p on T20 nights, that's a lot of profit.
At £5 for a pint of beer or lager on T20 nights too, its something that I avoid like the plague.
Today they will announce that another 'senior' player will renew his contract, well to honest most of the players are senior now.
Where is the money coming from????

They are down one membership for next year at the moment, so good luck to them.

Hmmmmm England have recalled Finn for the 3rd test!!!????

Mark my words he will be injured before the warm up is over!

I watched the rain delayed and shortened OD match between Middlesex and Surrey last night.
I was gutted that Middx lost and before you all go up in arms, I am not switching sides, but rather wanted a team of 'nice young men' to win over a team with an over inflated ego of a Captain and a bowler who spends the rain filled hours doodling on his arms!

sadly it was not to be so we will be seeing the Surrey motor mouth in one day action again.

Well time to go and clear my desk, I have only 14 working hours to go until i am off to HQ and a day out at the cricket.

i am a little bit excited because if rumours are to be believed it will be a super special F(rayn)day!

happy hump day.

Don't work too hard

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