Monday, 15 August 2016

Work again!

Well it is Monday again and the weekend has disappeared, where does the time go?

 Yesterday was an early morning walk around Lady Laineyville, resulting in 2lb of blackberries and spotting some sloes ( which are not yet ready to be picked, but will be collected at a later date.

And then back to the Chateau for more washing and doing'stuff', before putting on the cricket, seeing Jonny B hit 81 and then England get thrashed.
So it was nap time!

Meanwhile over in Old Trafford, My boys were making hard work of getting Lancashire out, and then going into bat they lost Lyth and TLJL meaning that the two Captains, Lees and Gale have to hit a proper captains innings. They closed overnight  136-2.

Today I hope that they pile on some runs and that Captian Gale shows some cracking form.

My poor TLJL though. Just when he had been capped, only getting 7 runs.

Onward to today though

Middlesex were motoring away and giving Durham a hard time. I should have been cheering for Durham, and hope that they could steal some points from the Middlesex boys but I just couldn't.

I think though if Durham hold up in their second innings they  could be playing for a draw and that would be a good thing.
Whether they can  is another matter.

This week is going to be full on busy, and I have lots to do when I get home from Super Swanky Lady lainey office. In preparation for heading off on Friday evening to Birmingham.

And as I am already running late, I am cutting this short.

Until tomorrow!

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