Wednesday, 28 September 2016

A bit of something different

Now back to cricket news, it looks as if Durham are in even more poo than first thought.

No wonder the players were packing and leaving.

Not all of the financial problems can be blamed on the club and the ECB has to take some responsibility, BUT in my 25 years of association with them, they have been anything but frugal with money!

Calls for a statement for the club will fall on deaf ears, the one thing that I know from 25 years backing the club is that loyal supporters mean nothing and as such are kept in the dark.

We will wait to see what happens here. Although talks between the club and the ECB are imminent.

His Royal Ryanness, ended the season on 737 first class wickets which sees him have to get 43 before the end of next season ( which may be his last) to finish his career in truly great style. To the end of my days I will never forget the 4 he hit at Lords last Thursday. 

Terrible news for all South Africa ( and me) as news filtered through yesterday that Abraham Benjamin  had pulled out of the Australia tour and would be having surgery on his elbow ( I am cringing at that thought, my elbows and I are not best friends!). I suggest that he has his op and then has lots of R & R  so that he is fully fit to entertain me at Trent bridge next July!

And today, I would like to say thank you to everyone who commented and liked and retweeted yesterdays review of the season. It was wonderful to see that it went down so well.

So cricket is over and the cricket tea equipment is all packed away, I have been asked though, to give some of my recipes now and again. The one that I CANNOT give, is for the now super famous 'vegan sausage rolls' which I have now renamed  'Dizzy's Delights' as these rolls where a huge hit with our now ex, esteemed coach.

 That aside I will every now and again give a quick and easy VEGAN recipe that you can try.

Today the recipe is Pav Bhaji, this is traditional street food in India and is like our 'bubble and squeak'.

You can buy Pav Bhaji spice in most Indian shops or online

Boil a pan full of potatoes ( you will get used to the fact that I do not use amounts in 'g' or 'lbs and oz's')

In a frying pan cook  onion in olive oil until soft, add chopped courgette, frozen peas and chopped fresh tomatoes. ( actually any veg can be put in with this mix)

Add Pav Bhaji spice

When potatoes  are cooked, lightly mash half with a fork, then add  the onion mixture and  combine.

Serve with a bread roll or rice  and lime pickle ( if desired).

And there you have it.

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