Saturday, 3 September 2016

It's the day of the big birthday bash

This is what the Walker/Robinson/Wilkinson/Rhymer/Gibsons will be doing tonight, Well the monster children nephews will probably be propping up the bar, but I know they will be singing along to the 'tunes'.

Yes today is the day of the Grand Birthday bash of Dame Didi.

I have a busy day ahead as I am taking delivery of all the food and also  trying to get the Chateau into some sort of order.(scrapped that plan already!)

Last night I inspected the extensive grounds of the chateau, which this year have taken a bit of a battering and have not been as well tended as in previous years.

However I am marking out the area ready for the new patio to be laid and will be getting down to that once the cricket season is at an end.

And talking cricket.....................

Yesterday at Southampton all seemed to be hunky dory  but 19 overs into the day, rain and bad light halted play which leaves the captain with a difficult decision today! If the weather is good do they declare and try to bowl Hampshire out?

well we will see at 11am.

I am however, baking sausage rolls and doing a rain dance for Edgbaston where Middlesex are on top in their game against Warwickshire. Never A Warks fan I cannot have the southern boys win, no matter how much I loves El Presidenti!

It is going  to go down to the wire, I just know it!

and now, I have curls to twirl, food to bake and things to do, so I am 'orf' to do them

have a super Saturday and


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