Sunday, 18 September 2016

Sunny Sunday

Well I am up and about after a massively disturbed night with the 'car' guy across the road. No I hadn;t been out on the razz with him, he is the one who goes out, comes in at all strange hours and then sits in his car with the engine running for 30 minutes +.
I toddled off to bed about 10.30pm after falling asleep on the sofa. Went straight to sleep and then at 1.30am he went out. Cue the noise of the oversized exhaust.

Just dozing off at 2.20am and he came in . cue the engine running.

Just settling into sleep and then 3.45am he went out again!!

By this point I was not the happiest 'lapin'. He didn't return and I managed to get some shut eye.

He may get more than he bargained for if he does it again!

Anyhow back to yesterday, which was a glorious day here in Ladylaineyville. Washing was blowing on the line and I settled down to watch the cricket.

I was not really much bothered who won, as neither teams were in my top 10 choice.

Surrey went into bat and seemed to be chugging along nicely and then it all went a bit 'Pete Tong'.

Yep  even the motormouth Batty ( the oldest spinner in town!) couldn't pull anything back.

The  much rated Currans look outclassed.

As Jade Dernbach swaggered in I realised that I was willing 'The Bears' on!

Surrey closed on 136 all out

Well Trotty scored 82 in reply to Surrey and Warwickshire beat them in record time and  with 60,000 wickets in hand.( slight exaggeration )

This meant that all the Sky hacks could get done the pub earlier than expected and talk about the 'terrible' travelling time from Durham to London on the train. OMG!! 3 hours is a lifetime!

I did a spot to knitting, had a visit from Mr funky the Chauffeur and made a vegetable curry. Chatted to besty mate Shazza from Barnsley and brought the washing in!

Today involves, manicure, pedicure, hair 're oranging' and case packing.

So best get to it. It's a big week this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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