Monday, 19 September 2016

The biggest week begins!

It's Monday and it is the start of the biggest week in the Yorkshire's season.

Am I excited?
well actually I feel sick to the bottom of my stomach. It's nerves! and if I feel like this then I dread to think how my boys feel!!!

Yesterday saw the 13 man team announced, I was smiling because TLJL had been named which means one way or another I will get to see him smiling before the end of the season.

However Yorkshire also released a statement as to why we would not be seeing 'my son'; Jonny B, as the ECB would not release him to play.

I am not going into it on here, there was a lot of 'shouting' on Twitter and declaring of 'never buying a Yorkshire membership again'.

Firstly any member who said they wouldn't buy a membership again,


it is not the clubs fault, their hands are tied!!

secondly, do what you claim to be,  A SUPPORTER!

The club and the boys need the support now more than ever, they are going into the final match of the season without one of their own and need everyone to be pulling together for them.

I was shocked and saddened to see this and hope that it was just a knee jerk reaction

Adil Rashid had asked to be rested for the match, which provoked many tweets of a not so pleasant nature.

I have checked this morning and no reason has yet been released, but COME ON! Adil would not have asked without good reason, he is an intrinsic part of the team and there must be a valid reason.

I hope that this morning all those doubters will have their sensible heads on.

Pull together, get behind the boys.

And yes we may not like Andrew Strauss.................................but that's fine he's not from Yorkshire!

Here endeth the telling off for this morning!

Happy Monday!

PS, Come on Notts

PPS HRR has signed for another year!

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