Sunday, 25 September 2016

The morning after the morning after

I woke up in my own bed, Well the spare bed as I had emptied the case out onto my bed, gone to answer Tweets and FB messages and then was too tired to sort out the carnage.

What a few days I have had in London.

I was still crying until late last night,not because I am a sore loser but because I am sad for my boys and sad that we no longer have Gillespie the gallant at the helm.

One thing that I do know is that if tweets are to be believed, the boys are already planning to get the Trophy back.

The hero of the match from a Yorkshire point of view, had to be Little Timmy Bresnan with his cracking knock of 142 not out in the first innings and 55 in the second innings!

Best 'water boy' award goes to TLJL of course!

Yorkshire player most liked by the Middlesex committee goes to Andrew Hodd who spent a good part of Thursday evening talking to El Presidenti and an ex President, who told me on Friday that he thought he was a 'wonderful young man'.

Best sport for having his picture taken by a load of old drunks, goes to 'my boy' Jonny Bairstow.

Greatest coach ever award goes to Gillespie the Gallant, without a doubt, who has seen us return to glory.

And the award for 'curls nearly as pretty as mine' goes to His Royal Ryanness.

I am now going to put the washing on, do some housework and then watch the match again and no doubt cry!

I know this is short but after all the technical issues over the last few days and all the 'excitement' I am totally exhausted!

And tomorrow is not only another day, its a work day and I need to get sorted for that!

We may have been beaten, but we are Yorkshire and we will return!

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Paul Sargerson said...

Brilliant innings, I look forward to you returning next season , keep up the good work ,Yorkshire 🏏🏏🏏