Monday, 5 September 2016

Tired start to the week!

It's not a good sign when you are starting the week like this! Hardly able to drag yourself out of bed and feeling exhausted.

Even with a nap yesterday afternoon and an early night  ( albeit getting woken up by the man across the road revving his car at midnight and then 1.30am), I am starting the working week a tired old wreck, yes the party has taken it's toll.

However the up side is that I only have 17.5 hours in my working week this week and then I am off to watch my boys for a couple of days R & R.
And believe me by then I will need it!

I am still trying to get the O & M manual complete for a build in London and it is proving to be very difficult to get organised.

There was some cricket yesterday but  slept through most of it, which was lucky a England lost.

This week sees our now arch rivals Middlesex at Trent Bridge, whilst we host Durham.

So this is the plan, I need Nottinghamshire to step up, put their recent losses behind the and take Middlesex in hand.

Meanwhile I need Durham to 'do a Durham' and then all will be right with the world. ( well my world).

I am now just over 3 weeks away from total hibernation, when the county cricket season  comes to an end.
And then way that I feel this morning I could be doing with curling up in a ball, pulling my duvet over my head and sleeping for England.

Well this is super short, but as the children are back to school the roads are going to be chaotic this morning......................just what I need!!!!!

Until tomorrow...............

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