Sunday, 9 October 2016

Sunday and its raining

Well it is raining outside, but it is also sunny!!  What the 'Donald Duck' is that all about???
What it does mean is that once I have stripped the beds there may not be any washing on the line today!

It does mean that I get to sit and watch South Africa V Australia in the 4 th ODI, I had best get some coffee on to brew.

Yesterday was full on washing and cooking, with not only soup being mase, but 3 different curries, which we tried for dinner last night and the remainder went into the freezer.

I am thinking that next weekend might be 'freezer defrosting' so that I can take stock. It is a super quick job with my flipping powerful steamer.

I am also starting to think about the Christmas cakes. Yes even though I cannot partake in my secret recipe cake now that I am vegan that does not mean that I will stop making it for gifts.

I just have to find a decent vegan fruit cake recipe.

I read the article by Durham Head coach Jon Lewis, about life after the relegation.

He said that he is 'sure' that the players will stay despite the events of last week.

He did add that he could not guarantee that the agents are thinking the same way but was 'pretty confident' that the players are going to be at Durham next season.

Well time can only tell, I doubt that the coach  has a clue what the players are thinking. And before the keyboard warriors get on their high horses and start making comments about my statement above.

1. I quoted what the coach said.

2. I added my thoughts on it

3 This is my blog and as such I put in it what I think

4. Put your toys back in the pram and chill out!

Right off to watch the South Africans run rings around Australia again!

Happy Sunday

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