Saturday, 4 March 2017

A wonderful adventure

As you may  be aware ( unless you are not on twitter/ face book or have been holidaying on the moon), my great cricket chum Clare is off on a splendid adventure.

I decided  to devote today's blog to her and her upcoming exploits, so armed with (hopefully) interesting questions, I set to, to get the low down.

Clare you are about to embark on a fantastic adventure, doing fabulous things, educating about HIV/AIDS and FGM, using cricket to bring this all together

What sparked your interest  in working with Cricket without Boundaries?

I came across the charity on Twitter- it may have been one of your tweets Lainey!. As soon as I started reading about CWB I knew that this was something that I wanted to do. My sister and my niece have both  volunteered abroad and it has always appealed to me, however as cricket is my favourite thing in the world- I knew this was for me.

What is the thing that you are looking forward to most?

I am looking forward to the cricket the most. I am a cricket lover through and through, however I have not played since I was knee high to a grasshopper. At the training weekend I had the opportunity to bat and bowl a little and I  just loved it?

I'm looking forward to meeting new people  and working with young people, and the weather and the wildlife as well............but mainly the cricket.

And least?

Hmmmmmmm - that's a toughie..........possibly the mosquitoes, I hate getting bitten and I am worried about malaria  ( a little bit).

What has the preparation for your adventure been like.

I first found out that I was going in September last year and started preparations immediately, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram - grand plans for fund raising and it was all I talked about for weeks.
Momentum waned as the season changed, making lists, raising funds and getting very nervous. At one point I thought I was going to have a nervous implosion!!!!
Then I chatted to my Mum - and to you,  and that helped to ground me and calm me down about the whole thing.
I got to the stage where I was waiting for the training weekend  to come along. I didn't do much else but wait, hoping that all the little questions  would be  answered, and I was right.

Were you apprehensive or excited when you found out that you were going to Uganda?

This is a really goof question.
So CWB works in Botswana, Kenya,  Rwanda, Cameroon and Uganda. Out of the five countries my first choice was Kenya, I know people who have been there and obviously they have the Masai Warriors ( who I follow on Twitter). Then I went through the list on my head and  for one reason or another Uganda was the last on my list ( which I had made in my head).
At the interview I found out that in Spring 2017  trips were to Cameroon and Uganda, and I asked the team to place me where they thought my skills  would be most effective.
So Uganda came to me! On reflection I am really happy about that. It kind of means  that the whole trip is how it is meant to be.

It is nearly time for you to fly out, what is the best piece of advice that you have been given?

Pack light and then take some of that out of your case!!!!!

How much do you think that this will change your life ( I will also ask you this when you get back)

 I think that this is going to open my eyes to the real world. It will make me appreciate all the things that I take for granted at home

I know that we share the same passion for cricket, if you could meet any cricketer past or present who would it be?

Hmmmmmm, is 'any' an acceptable answer? I think Sir Viv Richards......I would love to know how he thinks the great Windies of the 80's would fare against current players.

Who's shirt do you wear ( County or Country)?

India, I have a been a massive fan since the Little master graced us with his presence as a teenager...............although I wear my Yorkshire shirt with most pride 

Who do you tip for the top in cricket at  the moment

As a massive batting fan, I am really looking forward to seeing how the 'fab 4' get on at the top of their game.........that is Virat kohli, Joe Root, Kane Williamson and Steve Smith. Yep I  know that is more than one,but I think the respect these 4 have for each other and the way that they play means that I will be watching them all grow and develop.

All excellent batter and of a similar age, all at the top of their game, all captaining their countries, I admire them all and look forward to seeing the develop their own game and their teams performances.
I wish Joe root the best of luck with his new mission and honour and yes I will be watching all these boys keenly to see who makes it to 'the top'.

Clare, I am so excited for you on this great thing that you are doing, I wish you a safe and exhilarating trip, and I cannot wait to find  out all about it in a few weeks

And I am sure that you all echo my sentiments.

Clare leaves for Uganda in less than 2 weeks with  'Cricket without Boundaries'

more information can be found here

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Paul Sargerson said...

I hope you have a wonderful trip it's a great opportunity for you but be safe and always be vigilant happy days 🏏🏏🏏