Monday, 20 March 2017

Girl Power

Not how I will be dressed for the Yorks v Hants match!

Well now this time last  year I was being encouraged to stand for the committee, however with everything else that I do, and logistics it was not really an option.
however I have to say a massive congratulations to Katherine Mathew for becoming the first lady to be voted onto the Yorkshire committee.

Absolutely brilliant news, now first job, better lighting in the ladies powder rooms so that I can see to put my slap on with out my specs!

More girl power in cricket!

And as today is the official first day of spring, Mother Nature doing her stuff and turning winter into the cricket season...................more girl power!

After a full on Saturday, I had a quick catch up yesterday with my mate, ex Aussie and Lancastrian bowler Joe Scuderi, he is now the proud owner of some 'little cricketers' who will be playing in his garden in Lancashire this season.

More girl sales power there!

Now I am thinking that the North need a bit of girl power as they lost another game against the South in the series being played in the UAE. Even though TLJL took 2 wickets and scored 27 it was a win for the South.

With virtually non existent  crowds, it should now be down to the ECB to realise that their jolly/idea for cricket in The UAE is not all that it is cracked up to be.
I feel for the players, it must be like playing 2nd XI in the  far flung corners of the county.
Surely the money spent getting the players there, putting them up in hotels etc, could be better used around the counties?
Am I the only person who thinks this?
I would like to see the bill for the 3 games out there.

More girl power needed at the top.

And now I am off to be 'Wonder woman' in the office and sort out this weeks 'stuff'.

Lots to do and get sorted as it is less than 3 weeks now until my first County match.

It's officially spring!

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