Wednesday, 24 May 2017

A new day dawns

Yes indeedy, the sun is up, the sky is blue and I am ready to head to the office...................when really I want to be at Headingley watching England take on South Africa, however as I am going to see them in test match action with Sophie and Terry, I am biding my time.

which is what I will be doing for the next month at the office. Yesterday I gave notice as I have been offered another job which I hope will take me over until I am sorted to move to France.

I am excited to say the least, mainly as I will have no more early morning calls!
I am doing the same as now but in a different construction sector, so it should make it more interesting.

However these will probably be the longest 4 weeks of my life.

crickety news.

The big unit that is Richard Levi has extended his contract with Northampton until the end of 2013.

Captain Morgan has been saying that the return of the England players from the IPL is a huge boost to the team..................... yes I guess so until the 'break down' from over playing and carrying their swag back from the subcontinent.

James Anderson is out of the South African one day match with the injury that he picked up last weekend in the game against my boys.

I will be tuned into the radio at 11am for the coverage of the match, this is something that may not be happening once I move jobs, but you have to make some sacrifices!

oh yes! forgot to say, I purchased more wallpaper yesterday from Laura Ashley, I think that I am going to be very busy in the next few weeks too.

Its all go.....................and short as this is, I must dash.

happy Wednesday!

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