Tuesday, 9 May 2017

some sad news

Well I got the sad news last night that Peggy the little Border terrier who 'works ' at the local bike shop has passed away.
This little lady would wait at the door with her 'brother' Mickey' for hugs and kisses. She was a grand old lady of 14 and up until the day she passed away was still bouncing around.

There were lots of tears, as you would expect.

She will be missed so much.

cricket was not happening yesterday and I realised that it is over 2 weeks until I get to see my boys in action again..........................or is it?

I have spotted a 2nd XI fixture which I might just head off to next week.

Talk is now turning to the Champions Trophy, which  begins on 1st June. I'm not going to see any of the matches I had already made that decision, however that's not to say that I wont be taking a great interest in  it.

Ttoday  some   teams will be heading off on travels ready for tomorrows one day matches.

My Boys are in Northampton and I am hoping for a win there against the T20 champs.

Kent are in  Bristol taking on Gloucestershire.

And I will be in the office tuning into any coverage that happens to be on't wireless

Ah well back to today and I will be off out the door shortly to have a day of peace and quiet..............not.

have a great Tuesday.

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