Sunday, 14 May 2017

There's cricket today.....

......and we have had some more rain overnight, the lawns are looking less parched and I will have to check the water butt ( which was nearly empty).

The hydrangeas are looking better for the  having some rain water splashed on them.

Beds are stripped and the machine is on as I type, so I am sort of back to normal.

Yesterday I got washing done and then had a 'nap', before knocking up two curries and some flatbread.

I then settled down to watch DVD's before heading off to bed.

Quite restful, and what I needed.

Today though there will be cricket resounding through the Chateau and  I need to get the hoovering done before 11.00am.

I will be cheering my boys on as they face Warwickshire.

I will also be cheering  Kent, who can't go through now, so need a bit of cheering.

I have lots of things to do today too, which will included, putting more junk on eBay,

'how much more is there' I hear you all say,

well there is a lot I can tell you.

I am sure that the 'junk' fairies come when I am at work  and leave things, I wish the cleaning fairies would come instead!

it would make my life so much easier!!!!!

Well time to get on, chickpea patties wont be making themselves.

I am also working on some new vegan recipes so my 'testers' at cricket had better watch out.

have a peaceful Sunday

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ricky said...

Have a great day Lains