Sunday, 7 May 2017

up before the larks this morning

I've done the food, the flasks are ready, I just have to throw myself into the shower and get dressed and then out the door and off to HQ.

Another Sunday another one day match., today against Derbyshire.

Kent are taking on Middlesex so I will be keeping an eye on the score there.

However back to yesterday, after going out with my home made weedkiller very early,  by 10am the weeds were looking decidedly unwell. shop bought killer normally takes days to work and then you can only use it if there is no chance of rain.

What I did notice is that the combination of washing up liquid and salt coats the leaves of the weeds which makes me think that if it is rained on it will be 'reactivated'.

I will have to wait and see

So that was a result.

I also cracked on with restocking the freezing, some cauliflower korma and  pav bahji  for the next few weeks.

Then I noticed that I still had some rhubarb left over from 'gin' making last week.

Ah yes, Date and rhubarb chutney rustled up in less than an hour.

I think I need my cafe/restaurant in France very soon so that I can 'create to my hearts content!.

However back to today, I am hoping that they keep TLJL in the team. And I am expecting some big hitting.

my advice, don't let the visitors bat first, you've had two run chases in  the last week.

I know this is short but I have to get on the A1.

see some of you later ( usual spot on the boundary)

A bientot

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