Tuesday, 27 June 2017


So yesterday, I got up and headed down theA1 to Headingley and went off to the EGM, where we were informed of the latest information on the money for the new stand.

I met up with 'Grandad' John to hear the latest from the 2nd's, John is a great member and true to the club, watching not only the 1st team but suppporting the 2nds and the Academy.
He also keeps me up to date with how TLJL is doing!

So back to the meeting and the stand, which  is needed to bring Headingley up to ICC specifications, and so ensure that we will be hosting international cricket for years to come.

It is also important for the new T20 franchise scheme, but to most members the money, debt and time scale are the most important things.

Steve and Mark laid it out as concisely and clearly as they were allowed to do ( some details they could not disclose and will be available in a few weeks), there were a few surprises re the catering, which if you are not involved in Yorkshire CCC will mean nothing to you, but to members it is a bit of a touchy subject.
And finally after questions (ZZZZZZZZZ) from the floor it was time to take my seat in the soon to disappear 'Lainey Corner' ( as named by Will Powell) and be joined by Mark and then Gary and Jim.

The gang were gathering, but sadly Clare was working and Christine had a migraine, we wish her a speedy recovery and hope to see her soon.

It was time for the first day/night county championship game............................and HRR was the water boy!!!!


He is not cut out for this job and has to be the most overly qualified water boy ever!

Surrey won the toss and decided to bat.

Stoneman was gone  in just over 10 overs and Borthwick by the 21st but Burns was just chipping away ......slowly.

Roy hit 87 before being bowled by Brooks.

Burns was slowly heading to 90 before he was gone.

To say that it was slow going for the Yorkshire bowlers is an understatement.

Surrey finished the day on 374-6

As a spectator it was a strange experience to have 'lunch' at  4pm and 'tea' at 7pm.
It was odd to have sat 'all day' and then be wrapped in a blanky  at 9pm when I am usually tucked up in bed with a cuppa and a good book!

Oooohhh and talking good book, we had a chat with John from 'Cricket Yorkshire' and we were chattering about his great book .All wickets great and small', we are all looking forward to his next one.

Jim and I were the last 'men 'standing  over at 'lainey corner' until I finally gave in and saw the last 2overs from the warmth of The Headingley Lodge.

Today it is wet and miserable, however anything could happen before 2pm!.

Thanks to everyone for making the day such great fun.

I am now off for a wander around the ground and a trip up to the shops.

Have a great day.

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