Thursday, 8 June 2017

Election Day

Where is this month going, and so quickly too.

Today is Election Day, I shall be going down to cast my vote after dinner tonight ( which is exactly what Mum and Dad used to do). And that is my one and only political statement here on the blog.

Lets get down to important things, I do vote that rain should never be allowed at Champions Trophy matches.
Once again it poured and resulted in South Africa losing their match against Pakistan on the 'Jack and Vera'.
I was devastated especially in light of Morne Morkels  3-18 ( I do love a good bowler).

Where  SA right to bat first?

Well that is a question that will haunt Abraham Benjamin for quite a while I think...........

Today I will be listening at my desk to India v Sri Lanka live from the Oval. It does make for the day going quicker and drowns out the noise of the office boys.

The sound of Graeme Swann however is another thing that irks me.
It wouldn't be so bad if we didn't have to listen to his constant referrals to his cricket career.

My boys will be on their way to Taunton today for the County Championship match.

We are without Bressy who is waiting to be a Daddy for the 3rd time.

HRR is there and I am hoping that he will add to his 745 FC wicket haul.
I had been hoping that he would hit 800 before he retires, but even I know this is too much for the 'Rolls Royce'.

So I am setting the mark at 775.
No pressure there HRR!!!

We have no rain today but it is on the chilly side so I am  wrapping up warm ( after having the electric blanket on 2 nights running....................yes in June too), and heading off to the office now.

have a brilliant Thursday, and if you are at cricket today , enjoy.

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