Friday, 16 June 2017

Finally Friday

Yes its Friday and no ordinary Friday either, its my last Friday in this office!
To say that I am glad is an understatement as working my notice has been harder than the last 3 years here.

I hope that they treat my replacement ( when they find one) better than they have treated me.

 If you actually know me then you will be aware of the problems that I have had since the arrival of Trill Boy. I am not a push over or a shrinking violet, but to say that  I have over 3 years had to take a lot of nonsense which even when reported, has not been tackled,  does not bode well for the new person.

I am hoping that once I am out of this, I will be able to pull myself together and feel more like 'me'.

Onward and upward!

Well then lets see what  has been happening in  the ICC Champions trophy.

India and Bangladesh were head to head yesterday at Birmingham. I was tuned in and ready at 10.30am.
from all accounts and form listening it was a loud and lively crowd.

Longish story short, as expected by most people India won and are through to the final to meet Pakistan on Sunday.

Scotland have been hosting Zimbabwe and had a win against them yesterday. It was their first  ond day international win against a test nation.

news from Yorkshire is that Josh Shaw has gone to Gloucestershire on  a months loan.
this gives the 21 year old a chance to get some first team  experience and hone his skills.

Tomorrow sees the semi final on the One day cup, when I will be donning my Worcestershire top and cheering on 'The Pears'.
If I believed in omens, then the dead pigeon on my front lawn does not bode well for Surrey!

as I don't we will have to see how that game pans out.

On the famalam front, I went out to dinner last night with my Dame Didi and my cousins Paul & Diane. to say that we laughed the whole time is an understatement. Between tales of travel and a waiter who was Spanish, making us speak French, it was a brilliant evening.

Right now I am off to the orifice, for the last Friday.

have a good day!

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