Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Grey days......

Ah July, you have been a cold wet and at times, a miserable month, today has dawned grey and cloudy too, when will we get some sunshine.
I am waiting for all the weather forecasters to predict an 'Indian summer' they seem to do it every year when July does not live up to expectations.

It would be good I guess as we have cricket right to the end of that month!.

Well now ahead of the Test starting this week, it has been announced that South Africa have release  J P Dumminy  and he is now gone!
What on earth?

There appears to be no further news on that.

I had heard rumblings of residential developments at Lords  however  it appears that the MCC Committee have rejected these plans.
They have  recommended a redevelopment of the ground ( in line with the plans already in place)
The 18000 members will be asked to approve plans to work on the Compton and Eldrich stand, to begin in late 2019. ( of approved).

I vote for heating in the lower Compton!

I am normally freezing my whatnots off in there even when it is tarmac lifting weather !

I am still struggling with a summer cold and back ache, but I am sure that after a visit to the chiropractor I will be bouncing around  ( hopefully) and then I just need to hope that the cold clears up pronto

Tonight see those Notts boys in action up the A1 from my house, I would have headed up to cheer them on, but do not think that my back will be up to  sitting on plastic seats at the moment.

Tomorrrow sees my boys back in action at HQ and another missed opportunity , no worries though I will be willing them to win from the comfort of the sofa.

Now I am heading off to work , the summer holidays have had a massive impact on my 30minute drive, which yesterday took 12 minutes...............................just how much school traffic is on the roads?

Until tomorrow

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