Saturday, 29 July 2017

Sleepy Saturday

Well I am out of bed but I am still very sleepy, It is going to be a sofa day today I think, after I go to the town for a walk ( no chance of 10,000 steps ) and put washing in, but according to my  schedule, I can do this and be ready for the cricket at 11.00am.

now then cricket,

Firstly last nights T20 shambles!

One game came to fruition and it was 7th time lucky for Durham Jets as they won!

Not much more you can say about that, except well done.

The rest were either abandoned without a ball being bowled or decided by the 'Jack and Vera' which at the moment is calculated by how many inches of rain fell on Jack's  pigeon cree, divided by how many loads of washing Vera did but couldn't hang out, multiplied by the square root of the rollers Vera had in her hair when she had her last perm.  See its an easy and obvious solution to rain affected play!

There was one game that had no result at all and that was 'Sussex Sharks' v Middx. The Sharks never got to bat at all.

And then there was the test match.

I had been listening at work, and then had finished  work at 2pm, gone to the Post Office, had my hair cut and did a spot of shopping, by the time I switched the TV on.........................South Africa were 5 wickets down!


It was a great day for T Roley Poley who  took 4 wickets ( and I swear if I ever hear Shane Warne rabbiting about a 'michelle' again I will be forced to inflict great pain on him).

as we approached stumps it was down to Bavuma and Morkel to hold the fort, all 2ft 10in  and 12ft 3in of them.

Score was 126-8

Looks like an interesting day ahead.

Had a video call with my big sis who had spent yesterday buying a car, and drinking wine and eating charcouterie in a bar.

 Ah that's the life ( well without the plate of meat)

In the meantime I am off to for my walk

Enjoy your Saturday

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