Thursday, 27 July 2017

week is flying by

The week is flying by and today I have woken up to Sundanese! maybe this is a change in the weather.
How very British to open the blog talking about the weather!

Lets talk about something that is very British, lets talk about Cricket....
today is the start of the test at the Oval and things are on equal footing at the moment
Toby Roley Poley make his debut and its all to play for, I have my radio ready to listen  to it at 11am.

Last night I got myself settled to watch my boys in action.
I was gutted not to be there but Clare sent me some pictures of Vinny the Viking so that made me feel a lot better.

Yorkshire went into bat and after a terrible start losing lyth and kohler- Cadnore everyone had their hopes pinned on David Willey.putting on a show as he had previously.
With 44 off 27 balls it looked good but not to be and he was gone.
The boys held their nerve and with another good performance by TLJL (17) the Vikings finished 152-8.
Was this enough against what had been described as an out of form Jets side?

Durham went into bat  and Bressy and Willey saw the  openiers back in the hutch pretty sharpish. A great catch also by TLJL out on the boundary ( the only place to be!)
An amazing bowling spell by Adil Rashid 4-19 saw the Jets slump to their 6th loss  and the crowd went wild.

A terrific catch by a young supporter in the crowd had to be one of  the highlights  of the night and the look on his face said it all!

Yorkshire still on top and I am thinking about a trip to Birmingham..............however anything could happen before then!

Notts lost to Worcestershire.

There is more T20 after the test tonight, I can see that noting will be getting done in the Chateau.

Ah I spoke too soon, the 'current bun' has now disappeared and grey clouds appear to be forming,
Well I guess a waterproof may be a wide choice of outerwear today.

Time to hit the road, which is what the dame will be doing soon as she goes to look for a new car today, sadly not a 2CV. Some people have no taste!

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