Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Where is the sun?

Today the order of footwaear is more Hunters than high heels and I no likey!

I have even taken my ankle bots back out of storage, I am now totally sick of rain.

how very British!

we all complain about the heat and then when it rains ( which is good for the garden) we moan about that too.

And boy do we talk about it!

And talking is something that I hope was in abundance in the dressing room at Scarbados last night. Rain was a big problem with no play after 3pm, but Craig Overton was an even bigger problem as he took  5-76!

 Yorkshire were 159-7, not even our beloved Hoddy could really bump the figures up.

Tom  K-C ( hope he can bring the Sunshine band with him soon)  hit 31 and our hopes are resting on Adil Rashid  and Liam Plunkett, who as we know can do amazing things 9 but now on the 3rd day, I fear that a miracle is what is needed.
Granted the weather has not been kind, ( there you go another weather mention).

Temperatures in the south of the Champagne region have been much better and the Dame was visiting the local champagne house to get her feet firmly under the table.

An hour and 4 glasses later she zig-zagged her way home.
I hasten to add that she is not ( I hope) going to be spending her days sampling champers, today the real business begins.

I am trying to get myself sorted for my trip next week, as I head down to Trent Bridge, my bag is sort of packed, I have tennis balls in it.


well I am going to meet the lovely Jess, besty dog of Sophie and Terry, and to get on her good side I have taken a stash of her favourite toy!.

Right off to the coal face, and sending huge 'run vibes' to my boys, we need  batting points if nothing else!

Keep dry!

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