Wednesday, 19 July 2017

wooohoo Midweek

This is what Wednesday looks like in the chateau, yes I am struggling to get out of bed and to open my eyes, I am not sure why, but think that is is lack of routine. Like a baby I need a set routine, and am going to have to start to get my act together.

The warm nights are not helping although today has dawned grey and overcast, it is unbearably warm, I think that there is a storm on the way!

I have been reading quite a lot that is being written about Joe Root as Captain, what I am about to say has nothing to do with being a Yorkshire supporter ( we've barely seen him inn the last 4 seasons).

Joe is new to the job, and lets face it we have all been there.

Joe is young and just what we need.

Joe is facing an uphill task at the moment with injuries to the squad and poor performances

Joe is the right person for the job with his great cricket (usually) and his very affable nature.

Joe probably doesn't give a hoot what the press say about him.

cricket is cricket, it is not football ( thankfully) where you are sacked within 5 minutes of losing a game.

Joe will be fine, he is finding his feet, and setting down roots ( pun intended)

If we have not improved by this time next year, then yes lets talk about his position.

Other England team news, is that Gary Ballance does have broken finger and will miss the next text.

well it was a busy old evening, when I got home, back lawns cut ( well hacked as I didn't put the new blade on).
Then I sorted out lunches for the remainder of the week, before catching up on a couple of things that I had recorded and headed off to bed.

this week is going way too fast for me, it'll be the weekend before I know it!

Hope that you all have a great Wednesday

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