Monday, 31 December 2012

Lady Lainey's review of the year

Beautiful Durham Cathedral

Well since 7am this morning we have had numerous power cuts here in the icy wastes of the North and I have lost my blog more times than I care to recall. So as I am in danger of tearing out my orange curls and throwing my tiara I will get on with it and 'save' as I go..........

Everywhere you look there is a review of 2012 so here is mine,

January started in Lady Lainey land as my first real January in 11 years being single and that was the best feeling in the world, however it was also the first year since we lost Her Serene Highness which made the month slightly tinged with sadness.

February should have been normal service resumed, but the recurring damp problem at LT Towers came back with flipping gusto and everywhere downstairs was cold and wet, I (stupidly) was given the impression that 6 weeks and all sorted ( great workman speak!).

March was a blur of moving furniture upstairs at LT Towers and also getting all the 'Platinum Duck' things in order ready for the start of the cricket season next month. forward planning and all that, I was now living in my bedroom as downstairs was a 'no go ' area and upstairs was crammed with furniture. This is not how a Lady lives.

April  I decided to spice up my orange curls for the 'Friendly' at Chester Le Street,  former  besty home county club of Durham V Besty home county club of Yorkshire. Spicing up was not quite the result and my hair was more 'fluorescent orange' than 'subtle jaffa!' Well Gillepsie the Gallant and his Royal Ryanness could hardly fail to notice me with my curls being whipped around the wind.
 Dame Didi and I headed over the snow filled M62 to Manchester and flew out to Chateau Didi where we 'moved like Jagger' and managed to move the neighbours tooo!!!!
Came back to LT Towers to find half my dining room wall removed to fit 'another ' damp proof course.

May  saw super cricket tea empire of 'Platinum Duck' very busy...................storing lots of food in freezers due to hideous wet weather which affected cricket at all levels. Also the rain was not helping the situation at LT Towers and I eventually gave in and gave the tenants notice at LT Towers II , two months to wait to move and started packing  ready for that day.

June Brought us a super long weekend to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee and also the chance to see a little bit more cricket  even some 2nd XI. End of June saw T20 with the clash of the Former and the besty home counties of Durham and Yorkshire. I nearly choked on my Ribena, when I glanced up to the away balcony and saw his Royal Ryanness topless!!!! Yes topless!!! Made my evening ( Well I was with Mr Funky the Chauffeur and 'Would like to be Lord Lainey')

July  saw the start of my blog and your introduction into the wild world of Lady Lainey you were also introduced to my series of photographs 'Cricketers posteriers' ( to be added to this year). I also went to see Australia play ( with 'Would like to be Lord Lainey) track that back on the blogs what a cracking day that was (not!).

August saw the move to LT Towers II ( now Tykes Towers), a beautiful house that 'strangely' had water coming out of a tap and not out of the walls!! how very novel.!!!! Lots of tea making and fun at Shildon cricket club with cousin Rt Hon Robbo Jnr and his mate Jim., also over at Marton teas were in overdrive but thanks to Dame Didi, I managed to keep the cricket tea empire going and watch cricket too.
Sir Robert of Solihull came up to visit as he was preparing to start a new job and would not be venturing into these pastures again for some time. Lots of blubbing ( that was just the 'boys' in the office!).
I also managed to 'extricate' myself from 'Would like to be Lord Lainey'.After nearly 30 years of 'friendship'( I use that term loosely as it was on his terms), it has been very refreshing
Bank holiday saw Mr Funky and I at 'Scarbella' getting soaked to the skin and frozen to the bone, but saw Yorkshire which was the main thing. My last Yorkshire match until next season.
Also had the recurring problem of slugs and frogs at LT Towers II! YUKKY!!

September was about closing the doors of  'Platinum Duck' for another season. Dame Didi and I flew out to Ch√Ęteau Didi via Amsterdam ( and I nearly stayed there). Yorkshire got promoted, which made my whole cricket season memorable and showed what an amazing job Gillespie the Gallant had done pulling the team together. They did however lose to former besty home county in the south Hampshire in the T20 final but got to go to South Africa.#WAYAW

October  Took the Tykes to South Africa to take part in the world T20's. They didn't win but got further than Hampshire ( ha di flipping ha!!). They played brilliantly and made me proud to be a Tyke. Sadly October also saw the loss of great friend Bruce Ritchie, a true cricket fan and  one of the nicest men you could have ever wanted to meet.

November was the month of the great birthday bash. Dame Didi and I zipped off to Manchester and went on Concorde ( Alpha Charlie) which was the most amazing experience and moved us both to tears ( I love Concorde always have and always will). This was one of the most memorable days that I have had in many years and I can't wait to go again.

December saw me become teetotal, ( OK it only lasted until Xmas but that was a long time!). I also spent the weekend with Countess Culshaw and the gorgeous Sir Samuel, who made me once again see Christmas through child's eyes and made me really feel Christmassy when I got home. Dame Didi and I spent Christmas together, very sadly we lost 'Grandma Jean' which brought the festive period to a full stop.

However 2013 is a whole new start and  I, Lady Lainey , am donning a new tiara, fluffing up my curls and preparing for a new year and new start.

Best wishes for a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

With love from

Lady Lainey


Anonymous said...

Super duper round up LL. You will need to hang on to your flipping tiara today, the wind is forecast to be about 60 mph (faster than Dame Didi motor!)

Anonymous said...

Cool. Really like that BB. Lets hope next year will be a good one.