Tuesday, 30 September 2014

keeping busy

You know that you have hit rock bottom when you go from one week packing your case to head off to Headingley, to knitting cricket  jumper tea cosies the next!!! Yes I have started knitting again to stave off the boredom.

These also double up as 'jumpers' for PH as I only have one teapot and am now getting a collection of 'cosies'.

However enough of my boring old woes. as news has filtered through that after snapping up Raul Brathwaite towards the end of the 2013 season, Hampshire have released him along with Michael Bates the wicketkeeper. They have signed Jack Bird for the first three months of the county champion ship and also signed Yasir Arafat. 

No news leaking out of Tykeshire but I doubt they will be letting any of their 'champions' go ( kiss of death I fear).

Durham are also remaining tight lipped at the moment.

I am sure over the next few weeks their will be lots more news.

Amazing news came through yesterday.........................

A group of international cricketers  have just played the 'highest cricket match' on Mount Kilimanjaro In Tanzania.
 The teams included Ashley Giles and Heather Knight who both stood as captains.
The game was played in a flat crater just below the summit on a 'Flicx  cricket pitch' ( check out http://www.flicx.co.uk/ )
Cloud cover  eventually stopped play, but  they managed to each play 10 overs of what was to have been a T20 match.
Heathers 'Gorillas' team beat Ashleys 'Rhino's' team. Top effort by everyone involved.
And top 'wicket' from 'Flicx cricket'

 Next stop 'Gnome Cricket' in the extensive grounds of Chateau de Champions ( formerly Tykes Towers!).

OK time to pack the knitting needles and head off to Super Swanky Lady Lainey office............................bored already!!!!

Monday, 29 September 2014

What to do now????

Well it really is all over now, the blog of Thursday evening is done, the round up of the season is done, and I am done too!! Totally exhausted as is the poor Lady lainey limo which needs a new spring, ( I need it to be spring!).

Yes I think that a few months of R & R is what this lady needs to get back to being totally well and prepare herself for the new season.
I washed all the flasks and put them away yesterday which is a sure sign that there will be no more outings for the foreseeable future, the freezer is empty of all goodies needed for cricket teas.
Dark days........................but hold on a cotton picking moment................It is only a few weeks until the bbirthdayof myself. Wooooohoooo mahooosive party!!! and cake too!
Oh well something to look forward to and then there is the visit of Pere Noel in December, then getting squiffy on New years eve and then its the new year!!! And only a few months until the start of the cricket season.

See I have now narrowed it down to a few 'events' and then its here.
So plans unfolding for the next few months?

Well after starting 'circuits' this year and trying my hand ( and legs and arms and my whole flipping body) at Insanity ( flipping mental fitness workout). I am now trying my hand at 'Hip Hop Abs' at the moment in Chateau de Champions ( formerly Tykes Towers, formerly LT Towers II), it is more like 'Flip flop flab' but I am led to believe I will have a six pack very soon...............and no thats not a six pack of carlsberg Special or Kestral Super Strength!. yes I am going to reinvent this body over the next few months.

First stop the fridge and get rid of all the junk in there. I actually look like a hamster at the moment as I am stuffing things in my cakehole as fast as I can, any that won't fit are going in the bin!
I have to say 'Wensleydale cheese and chocolate mousse is not a good combination! 
Combine that with extra mature cheese and double cream and you will  see why I actually feel jolly sick right now!!!!

I read the blog from The middle Stump about Thursday evening  http://www.themiddlestump.co.uk/2014/09/leeds-leeds-leeds.html

have a read its great although I am tres disappointed that I didn't get a mention!!! 

Looks like we might be trying to get it going in Durham next year, all to raise funds for Melanoma UK.

Well it may be the end of the cricket season but sadly it is not the end of the work season and I have to trundle off to Super Swanky Lady Lainey office to  earn some pennies. 

I think that I might need a new tiara for my birthday!!!

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Tales from the fence (2014 round up)

April arrived finally and I was in a tiara twirling tizzy as I was busy rustling up prizes for Chris Rushworth’s ‘Talk in with Harmy and Siddy’ evening which was to take place the evening before the Durham V Yorkshire match next Month. I was also in ‘negotitations’ with his Royal Ryanness re his attending., and all was looking good for the evening.

 I put my predictions down on paper ( scarily true too!) ‘Lady Laineys expert Analysis’ 5/4/14.

I had gone to to see former besty home county of Durham play against University side and also to catch up with my friend ‘Mr Grumpy’ and his furry sidekick, and the lovely Henry Rushworth.

Then I jetted off to La Belle France for some R & R and lots of sunshine. I was keeping an eye on all things cricket and getting regular updates!
I arrived back in the UK just before April ended and went into over drive to for Chris Rushworths charity evening
We also were all stunned as a family by shock news about Dame Didi.

Woohoo May meant only one thing!!! My two cricket teams fighting it out and his Royal Ryanness doing a turn for Chris Rushworth. I had organised it all with him and then was panicking on the night of the event, so much that I hardly spoke a word………….yes really!!!!
What a top boy though, agreed to come and do the chat for Pies and peas!!! However I knew what he really liked, and some ‘Percy Pigs’ were acquired ( and a few decent bottles of red)

I did get a HUGE hug and kiss from the man himself. ( and then sat in the corner very flustered!) and also got a signed Yorkshire top.(kindly donated to moi by a Durham supporter who won it in the raffle!!! )

And then the next day war was declared! Mr Grumpy Aka Daddy Rushworth and the furry sidekick AKA Pasha and the Lovely Henry were fed and watered as hostilities were abandoned  for coffee, sausage rolls and cake and banana plus treats for Pasha.
I was trying to sit on the fence but sadly I was swaying more to one side than the other. I am a Tykey Princess after all!!!! Result was a draw as rain affected the last day!

Durham were away most of the month and I took a trip down to Nottinghamshire to see them play and also to catch up with old Notts players and besty friends Harry (H) Latchman and Mike (pasty) Harris. Mike was celebrating his birthday so I managed to get a room for the night and had a couple of sherry shandies!
Also spotted a pic of Ryan when I was hobnobbing in the Notts committee room (yes blagged my way in there with Harry!).

News came through that His Royal Ryanness had a hamstring injury, he did go back into bat and then it was annouced that he was going to be scanned and wouldn't play for a week or two

Hurrah it is summer, so umbrellas were the order of the day at any cricket match that we attended.
 His Royal Ryanness was still on the injury list and I was getting jolly flipping worried! And Yorkshire were not issuing updates!!!
 I was in a fair old tizzy. Mr Funky the chauffeur and Daddy Rushworth did not make me feel any better with tales of injured fetlocks meaning instant 'putting to sleep' Had my worried face on a lot.

Durham took on Middlesex and were playing jolly well.

Yorkshire took on Northants and flipping well squidged them ( technical cricket term). Picking up 19 points along the way!
I also took up new employment as a wine advisor, how very apt!!!

'Freddie' Flintoff announced that he was making a comeback for Lancashire ( see end of this blog). Oh joy!!!
he didn't play in the 'Roses' match though and Yorkshire stuffed them.( I know all the technical terms where cricket is concerned)

Durham took on Warwickshire, and then trundled off to Worcestershire to have a game. Jack Shantry hopefully didn't bowl commando as has been reported!.

Chris Rushworth was in his 6th month of going dry and doing brilliantly.

Rain didn't help cricket but Yorkshire were creeping up the table and Durham were sliding down it!
Mid month Chris Rushworth's 4-45 helped them move up to 6th place.
His Royal Ryanness came back to the game and started taking wickets which brought his first class haul up to 632 (22/6/14)
Fence sitting was giving me a very numb bum!

Durham were in T20 action against My Tykes at Headingley, I couldn't go but Daddy Rushworth sent me some pictures to keep me happy.
I packed my bags a few days later and toddled of to Headingley were I nigh on slept on the hallowed turf, yes I was in the Headlingley Lodge for the Yorkshire V Durham return match. What a cracking room and what a cracking view.
It was however the 'Boycott' room complete with photo of Geoff on the wall by the bed, needless to say I put a towel over it, bit scary having him watch me undress!

Daddy Rushworth was made welcome at ‘my gaff’ and we would retire to watch the cricket from indoors whilst supping coffee and scoffing biccies! Sometimes we even sat on the boundary,

Result of the local derby? Match was drawn!

Raced home on Thursday evening to be ready for the T20 match on the friday evening, Durham v Yorkshire/ Yorks won and HRR took wickets. Result!!!

However mid month I had to a ‘bit of a shock’ and was referred to hospital, a week of worry and feeling very sick and sorry for myself, eventually after hours in the hospital, numerous test, scans etc I was declared ‘OK’.
Obviously they had not scanned my brain!

This was my first of two hospital visits before the season was out!

The weekend of July 19th/20th I took off to Scarbella to see my Tykes in action against Middx, I booked in to super swanky hotel and got upgraded to a suite!!!. ( Due to originally being allocated a room on a floor full of cricketers??!!! make of that what you will???!!!)

Lord Christophe, eldest monster child nephew, drove over and spent the day with his besty most beautiful auntie in the whole flipping world and we had a great day together. He went home to go out partying with his mates to celebrate his birthday the next day.

I got up the next day feeling not too well, ( no wine involved). I had to go home!!! Can you believe it, I was soooooooooooo poorly that I missed his Royal Ryanness taking 7 flipping wickets! I had already pre ordered them and then was not able to see it happen. His FC wicket haul was creeping up nicely.

By the end of the month I was back in hospital, with the temperature spiking, heart palpitating, scary Pericardtis thing again. Second season running I have been hit by this and second time I have been hospitalised with it. Flipping thing!!! I was allowed home late the next day but spent the remainder of the week in bed, luckily I was not planning on going to cricket as both teams were away. PHEWWWW!!!

August Saw me back on my feet and trying to regain some sense of wellness, it also saw me planning another jaunt to Scarbella, well sea air is good for you isn’t it???

I was lucky enough to meet and chat to Jack Russell at the Scarborough ground whilst looking at his wonderful paintings. He had one of my favourite ground, Northlands Road, Southampton, which sadly is no more, it is a housing estate!!!

I got to walk to the ground every morning through Peaseholm park, beautiful.

Yorkshire pulled off a brilliant win against Sussex and I was a happy bunny ( however not quite fit enough to hop around!)
Durham were struggling in the relegation zone and I was having nightmares about them going down to Division 2!!! They had to start to show champion form???
Yorkshire meanwhile were on the rampage to get their hands on the ‘goodies’ ( The Championship Trophy) but anything could happen in the next few weeks and I was trying not to dwell on them as champions, just wanting them to win some games.
Quarter finals of One Day Cup took place and I hot footed to to Headingley to see Durham and Yorkshire fight it out. A great day, and a great match,and I was kept company by Daddy Rushworth. Durham won and semis were calling. The draw came later and HURRAH it was at The Riverside!!!

So it was the last month of cricket and Durham were playing One Day Cup match to get to the finals. Yeeeaahhhh!! they won and we were all busy trying to sort out getting to Lords with only two weeks notice!!. Excitement was the flavour of the start of the month.

It was also hotting up as Yorkshire were top of the table and I was getting very jittery about them winning.

On 12/9/14 Yorkshire beat Nottinghamshire and became the county champions, I sat in super swanky Lady lainey office and cried and cried for over half an hour. I then came home watched the recorded days play, drank copious amounts of wine and fell asleep on the sofa! What a flipping year!!

Top effort from the boys, top coaching from Gillespie the Gallant who has turned the team around! long may he stay!

Durham pulled themselves out of the relegation zone and Chris Rushworth took 15 wickets in the match against Northamptonshire, flipping brilliant!!!

We all headed off to Lords and ….....Woooohoooo Durham pulled off a blinding win against Warwickshire which once again had Lady lainey in floods of tears! What a great day!

Late September I  headed off to Headingley for the last days play of the season and saw His Royal Ryanness take 2 wickets bringing his first class wicket haul to 664. It would have been good if t had been 666!!! 
Hampshire won the second Division title as I predicted, and Lancashire were relegated! The Flintoff factor did not seem to have had the desired effect!

Champagne moment
Well it has to be shared, Yorkshire winning the County Championship and Durham winning the one day cup.
What more can I say!! top teams.

 You see I can sit on the fence sometime!!!! Now I  have a few months to get the feeling back in my ample backside!

2014 what a year!!!!

And my yet to be published book 'Cricketers Posteriors'?

filling up a nicely with new piccies!

Saturday, 27 September 2014

3 gingers and a brunette, PS to Thursday

So what do you do on a chilly Thursday evening in Headingley?

Well you don your besty tiara and totter off in your 'Jimmy Choo's' for an evening of fun and laughter with 'The Middle Stump' AKA Dan. A wonderful evening entitled 'Three gingers and a brunette' ( nothing to do with me although, I have and am three shades of ginger and have been brunette my lifetime and blonde too!).

The lovely Gill  from Melanoma UK ( beneficiaries of all monies raised) greeted me at the door and showed me where to sit ( not in the next county luckily!).
I toddled off to the bar where the 'Fantastic Four' were having a lemonade before taking the stage.
 As I went to pay  I was told  it was a free bar...........................oh my dog!!!! This could be a costly evening for someone!.

Gill introduced the evening which was hosted by Dan......................who set off in great style. His slide show was second to non!!! I am still laughing about his film titles,  'Bres' and 'Inglorious Bairstows'.
Jonny Bairstow and Jack Brooks took to the stage, where it suddenly became apparent that someone hadn't done their washing and someone got dressed in the dark!. yes Mr Bairstow was sockless and Mr Brooks had odd socks on!!!! It just added to the hilarity of the evening.

Had the 'Yorkshire snipper' reared his head again?
Anyone not aware of the Yorkshire Snipper?

well it is a person from the Yorks dressing room who literally 'snips' items of players clothing. Undies being the best laugh a minute choice.

I first became aware of this  when his Royal Ryanness talked about it back in May. He denied being the culprit although a lot of people think it is him ( Steve Harmison saying it outright and Ryan denying it). Joe Root has said that he is the person. Naughty step for him if he is!!! And no pocket money for a month!
I however don't think he is and my money is on Tim Bresnan ( no idea why but he is my bet).

His Royal Ryanness took to the stage with Steve Kirby who is less 'ginger' these days. I laughed so much I thought I was going to have an 'accident'. If someone had given me a 'tena' I might of!!!!
By this time I was nearly cross eyed and managed to get some very shaky pics, due to  amount of wine that  had managed to sneak its way down my throat.

Top marks to everyone concerned and a great effort, if a very late night for the Yorkshire boys.
I heard on the grapevine that SOME people stayed up until the wee small hours, I however managed to make it back to The Lodge safely ( the bruises say otherwise).

A big thank you to Uvistat and Melanoma UK for a top evening.
And to The Middle stump for making it all very very funny!
Should we do this in Durham................................Oh I think so!!!!!

And that's it!!!!

Yes its all over for another season in the domestic cricket. Even on the last day of the season there were still things to be sorted out.
And sadly for Lancashire they were relegated! A very unsporting cheer went up at Headingley as the news came through.
I had been treated to the last day of cricket at Leeds and was hoping that  Yorkshire would be winners. However it was not to be.  The match was drawn, even after every person in the ground was urging Jack Brooks to take the last wicket in the last over.
However His Royal Ryanness did take 2 wickets which nearly had me flipping my tiara!!! OMG 664 first class wickets! (although he told me on Thursday evening that he thought it was one less than ESPN had documented) He has had a great season as have all the Yorkshire team.

The Gale 'thing' looks as if it may well die a death, as reported in the papers yesterday. Here's hoping!!! and seeing Andrew with the trophy yesterday was great.

A big shout out to One day Champions Durham, who managed to pull themselves out of the relegation zone in the last weeks of the season and showed some amazing form. Also massive shout out to Chris Rushworth who has been the workhorse of the team, and all with no alcohol!Chris has been  one of the only Durham bowlers not to suffer any injury this season ( and last I think) and deserves huge amounts of recognition. also lets not forget his 15 wicket haul last week.Top marks!

Super polite young man Jamie Harrison was operated on this week, his season has been blighted by a recurring knee injury and lets hope  that he makes a full and speedy recovery.

So what to do now?

Well I am busily writing my review of the season and then will hibernate until spring!
Actually that's not quite true as I have a wicket to be laid in the extensive grounds of Tykes Towers ( or 'Champion's Château' as it is currently known) and also lots of work to do at home, that I have put off due to the huge amount of cricket that I have been watching.

I also have HUGE birthday party bash to sort out and also lots of international cricket to watch.

So as I packed up my bag on the boundary at Headingley yesterday and drove home on a very tired high ( due to late night and lots of free wine the night before). I realised that I was already counting down the days until the start of next season.

It's going to be a long old winter!

Friday, 26 September 2014

YEEAAAHHH!!!! It's a real F(ryan)day!!!!!

Yes it is and it was F(ryan)night last night. As we went to a fabulous Q&A evening with His Royal Ryanness. And a few other gingers too. It was all to raise funds and make people more aware of the dangers of the sun and the risk of skin cancer.

Great evening!

Yesterday saw Hampshire become champions of division 2 as I predicted back in April.

Lancs and Middx are still fighting it out to stop dropping into div 2.

Durhams match at Warks was over by tea yesterday and the boys were on their way home very quickly. Not the best match for them as Warks won.

I am sitting at the window watching the groundsmen hard at work at Headingley. Yes I am in the lodge again. It is nearly my second home!!

However the Wifi is playing up and I am typing this on my phone as I am not getting a connection on my tablet. So sorry for any hideous typo's.

Yorks are playing their last day today against Somerset.my boys look tired and ready for a rest.

And so am I!!!
But I hate the end of the season. Its a long winter now.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

and so it goes on

yes indeedy it is still on going and I for one think that this has to be the most exciting week of cricket, OK I lie, the most exciting week was waiting to see if Yorkshire won the title and if Durham were going to be relegated, but that aside it is still exciting to see what happens.

Yorkshire were still battling it out on the field, with his Royal Ryanness starting the day on 662 first class wickets and ending the day on .............662!!! He didn't take a wicket!! would you 'Adam and Eve 'it!!!
They seemed to struggle in the field and Somerset closed on 319-3!!! come on the champions!!

Durham had a little bit of rain which affected play, but Rushworth was in top form taking 5 wickets and making up for daddy Rushworth being so grumpy, which is due mainly to 'jock stobart' who is annoying the f**k out of him!

Would you want to spend 5 days with someone who loves Eddie Stobart lorries more than cricket, 'quick pass me 5p to shut him up!!!'
Warks closed the day  on 419-8.

Come on you one day champions.

Hampshire are making a real go for promotion a they fight on , but Essex are doing well against Worcestershire. its going to be tight this one.

And what about moi?

Well I reoranged my hair last night and feel nearly human again, I also am struggling to get rid of the hideous cough which is trying its hardest to make its way onto my chest, voice was going badly yesterday and this meant only one thing...............I could not shout at boys!!!!
True to form Trill boy took advantage of my lack of vocalisation and was his usual boorish self.

Oh I remember the good old days ( last year) when just the sound of my footfall on the stairs was enough to have the boys quaking over their CAD drawings.

Boooo to Sunderland Empire for taking huge amounts of money from the Rushworths and then telling them that the lovely Henry was too young to go and see The Lion King!!!! no refunds, no exchanges. jolly bad form!!!!

now I am off to paint my nails and put my feet up for a few hours before I jet off to Leeds to see me pal and have some fun! Thats what life is all about isn't it??????

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

All going on in last cricket week.

Well cricket started at 10.30 am yesterday and their were stumps flying all over the place!.

Firstly one day champions Durham were in action against Warwickshire. The Bears seemed intent on taking revenge for Saturdays lost cup final and went in all guns blazing, luckily 'Bambi boy' managed to hit 10 so his run of ducks is out of the window at the moment. Ryan Pringle hit the top score of  63 which managed to pull Durham out of the poo and they were all out for 201.

In reply Warks were 77-1 at stumps. Methinks that Durham were still struggling with hangovers ( except Chris Rushworth who is off the sauce for this year).
Hopefully some good bowling form Durham today will settle it all down.

Over at Headingley the champions of the world Tykeshire seemed to have enjoyed their week off a little too much and looked to be struggling against Sussex.
Alex Lees was awarded his cap before start of play by Captain Andrew Gale who cannot play due to.........well lets just leave that stupid charge!!!!.
Yorkshire wobbled quite a bit at first and knocks from Lees and Root helped to get them back on track.
Peter Trego's three wickets for Somerset seemed to have knocked the stuffing out of Yorkshire who were 241-9 at stumps ( His Royal Ryanness hit 5).

Note to Somerset, please give your boys some paper to scribble on as they have made a real mess of Peter Trego's arm with the marker pens!!!!!

Over in Division 2 it is 'game on' as teams are all fighting for a place.
Worcestershire who are already going up, looked like they should have stayed down as they were bowled out by Essex for 84. Even Jack 'commando' Shantry couldn't saved the day!.
Essex were 198-3 at stumps.

Hampshire put on a good show and were 357 all out. Vince and Ervine both hitting centuries, 144 & 107 respectively.
Its going to go to the wire for the next promotion spot.

My day was much the same as usual, with the added bonus of realising that boys really are dim! Yes Trill Boy exceeded his usual stupidity re how you counted how old you are.
Hard to explain but funny when he found out he was wrong!!
 He claimed that if his daughter was 12 weeks old she was 3 months old. I said not strictly true as some months have 5 weeks. you would go from birth date to same date next month to count it.
I said 'well thats how normal rational people would count it'
Nope he was having none of it and after counting 52 weeks he concluded that I was right but you could see by his face that he believed he was right!!!
Oh joy it was just like sitting in a room with former Lord Lainey. stupid but always right!!!!!

By Trill Boys reckoning I will be 1092 weeks old soon!!!!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Last cricket week for this season

yes it is indeed the last week of County cricket, all the excitement in the run up to it and now it is nearly over.

Today former champions of the world and now One day champions Durham, are in action (again) against Warwickshire. Yesterday the 'Hell Bus' took off carrying 'Mr Grumpy' who spotted his arch enemy 'Stobart Boy' as soon as he got on and knew he was in for a fun packed journey. I am guessing that he is now an expert on all things 'Eddie Stobart' and may even  consider buying him a fan club membership for his birthday, or the special book to write the numbers of the lorries in!!

I think that he may be barricading himself in his hotel room for the next few nights!

Good luck Durham and lets see you repeat Saturday all over again.

Come on Durham!!!!

My Tykes who are now champions of the world, are in action at the real home of cricket, Headingley, they are taking on Somerset. I am hoping that His Royal Ryanness takes some wickets to end the season on a super first class wicket haul.

Come on you Tykes!!!

Over in Division two, it is going down to the wire. Hampshire need to beat Glamorgan to be promoted. Essex are also in the running and have shown to be really going for it having won 5 out of their last 6matches. However they are facing Worcestershire who have already secured their spot in Division 1. its all to play for this week.

Come on Hampshire!!!!

I was in bed by 8.30 pm last night as the effects of the weekend had finally caught up with me!
Yes I have to admit the season is taking its toll on me and as I as I have not had my annual September sojourn to La belle France this year I am a super tired bunny.

Well time to don my tiara, twirl my curls and head off in Lady Lainey limo down the A1 to Super swanky Lady Lainey office. oh yes another day of shouting at boys, drinking copious amounts of coffee and looking pretty for 7 hours, no wonder I am so exhausted!!!!

Monday, 22 September 2014

Its Monday so I am bound to be exhausted!!!

Yes indeedy, it is Monday again and I am totally 'bushed'. Trip to London, shouting and cheering my orange curls off, back up north and organising myself for Super Swanky Lady Lainey office this week. I don't need a crystal ball to know that I will be in  'mon lit' early ce soir!

And talking about France ( or talking french) Dame Didi has sold Chateau Didi Deux!!!!! Only so that she can buy Chateau Didi Trois in the Champagne region!!!

however it is a sad farewell to The Vendee

No more driving in from Nantes and watching for the sign to ' Moulin des Gourmands ( or 'Moulin de gonads' as it was known by us!)

No more parking in Coex next to the 'Gue Gorand ( or Gooey gonads as it was known by us!)

No more driving to St Giles Croix de Vie and passing  the farm which sold 'Artisanal Chevre' (yes I am sure you can guess what that was know as by us!!!)

No more passing the PNEUS Service garage ( I am sure you can figure that one out too!!!)

Oh yes the joys of The Vendee. However on to the Champagne region now, I just need to find a house in either Dizy or Bouzy  and we are set!!!

I am sure this week is going to drag, I am off to Leeds on Thursday to meet my pal and then hopefully take in the last days cricket at Headingley. Also hoping to catch sight of the Championship Trophy too Fingers crossed.

So best get a wriggle on today, I am hoping that we can have a quiet and sedate Monday morning in the office, but I am doubting that is going to happen.

Its flipping freezing outside ( I ventured to the recycling bin!) but reports say it is going to be 'scorchio' today. Well scorchio for the end of September.

Have a great day

Sunday, 21 September 2014


So you will all be wondering did they or didn't they? Have they finished the seasons as champions ( of something) again?? Did I managed to walk out of Lords in a straight line yesterday???

Well.................................. YES THEY FLIPPING THEY ARE CHAMPIONS ( and yes I did walk out of Lords in a straight line).

The day had started with torrential rain and thunderstorms, mammouth undrground journey for Mr Funky and I , but we did have the opportunity of seeing 'The Hoover Building' which was and still is one of my favourite 'deco'buildings.

We arrived at Lords and settled down to coffee and bacon and egg rolls.

Durham went into bowl and  it wasn.t long before Chris Rushworth  took Porterfields wicket as it was caught by Chris's cousin Philly Mustard. Great family effort.

Chris also took Chopra's wicket but it had taken a while to get him out as he was the highest scorer on 64. Collingwood, and Stokes also took wickets as did 'old timer' Gareth breese who was playing his last ever match for Durhm as retirement .

Durham bowled Warks out for  165.

Daddy Rushworth messaged to say that he was feeling 'sick' with nerves and hadn't even taken advantage of the nice lunch that was provided for him. I think e was really just missing his furry sidekick, who had to stay at home.

Durham went in to bat and wickets tumbled early leaving Durhm fans very quiet  ( well except one near us who was very vocal, very funny and enteraining due to large volumes of lager!!!!  As Warks supporters tried to start a 'Mexican wave' the aforementioned Gentleman showed them the 'Durham Wave' it was a funny moment in what was a tense time.

Mustard and Macleod both went for a duck, but at least 'Bambi Boy' managed to break his run of Ducks and mke 8 runs.
Stokes and Collingwood looked as if they might save the day and then Colley wobbled and went for 21.

after losing Muchall for 9, Gareth Breese came in and brought the Durham fans to their feet. They were cheering every shot and egging te two batsman on. Breese took hit the winning runs, before dropping everything and racing over to kiss his children. what a way to end your career.

There was much whooping and cheering and then waiting for the presentation ceremony. I was trying to wipe away tears,
What a day!!!

Mr Funky and I set off back to the hotel, via M & S foodHall at Rickmansworth. I managed to have a soak in the bath, 2 glasses of wine and then was fast asleep.

It had been a long day.

But you know what????


Sore heads this morning apart from Chris Rushworth.

I am sooooooo very chuffed for Durham.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

It's Final days!!!!

Yes indeedy doody, today is indeed finals day , and I have been up since the crack of dawn ( which is much later here in the South than in the icy wastes of the North). I have made the final decision on the outfit, I have sorted the orange curls out and I have even had a bath..................because I usually have a shower!

And now we are off on a cross county journey to get to Lords. As former besty home county of Durham take on Warwickshire. It really is going to be a journey as today London Underground decided that they would close half the Metropolitan and Jubilee line, meaning that our 'direct' route is now less direct!!!

However that aside, excitement is mounting as we are getting set to head off to West Ruislip.

We have however (and are still having) a hideous thunderstorm with heaps of lightening snd lots and lots of rain.This is not a good start to the day.

Our hotel is close to where I used to live and also where we used to have mad nights out ( in the bar) and lovely meals (in the restaurant). Sadly as we check out tomorrow the doors of the hotel close for the last time. As it is torn down for housing.
End of an era!!!! I saw Andrew Ridgeley in the bar lots of times. If you don't know who Andrew Ridgeley is google him.

Oh well time to move onto our super long journey to Lords.

Until tomorrow.
Sorry if any typos doing this on  my phone. Tablet not playing the game

Friday, 19 September 2014

A walk down memory lane

And so last night Dame Didi, and I went 'home'. Yes we went back to the place of my birth in Tykeshire. We were greeted and treated to a full tour of the Hall and gardens, where Dame Didi, remembered lots and lots of things but where I had less memories, however there were some things that I remembered, like a 'hidey hole' in the garden

We saw the orchard and the pond which have both undergone major renovations. I discovered why I have a phobia of spiral staircases

Which probably stems from being told 'NO!!!! Dangerous'. Which would either make you want to climb them or terrify you for life ( the latter for me!).

It was dark when we left driving up the drive and over the cattle grids. however  we were told that we were more than welcome to visit again.

A wonderful evening and a great start to the birthday bash.
Today it is back to the mundane and super swanky Lady Lainey office, BUT only for half a day and then home to get ready for trip to other former home of London.

It's the big finals day tomorrow!!!

Come on you Durham!!!!!

First home circa 1907 from the orchard

Thursday, 18 September 2014


Chris is the one on the right of the picture!

Yes 15 is the date of my birthday but more importantly 15 is the number of wickets that Christopher Rushworth took yesterday at Chester Le Street.,

Flipping heck!!!!!, well after losing a day to awful weather on Monday, Durham obviously decided that enough was enough and after scoring 392 runs in their innings, Northampton went into bat and were only flipping bowled out for 83 with Chris Rushworth taking 9-52!!!!! What a top boy and once again I wonder why England have never looked to him for any tour ( Lions. A's???).
He was denied a 10 wicket haul by Ben Stokes who took the last wicket in Northants first innings
However as Northants had to follow on the fun didn't stop there!, Chris only chuffing well took another 6 wickets!!!! meaning that he had broken the county record which was held by  Alan Walkers  with 14-177.

What a top boy and his top boy looked equally as proud of his daddy.
Durham won by an innings and a million runs! OK slight exaggeration  but you get the drift.

He is looking in top form for Saturday and that is all that I care about now!. Whoever is sponsoring him £10 a wicket will be having to cough up rather a lot today!!!  But it's all in a good cause.

the excitement carried on well into the evening too. No alcohol involved for Chris though.

Today however see celebrations of another kind when Dame Didi and I return to our former home of Newham Hall in the county of Tykeshire. this has been organised to celebrate my birthday ( which isn't until November) and also for a stroll down memory lane. we are both very excited!

life in super swanky Lady Lainey office is much the same with boys being boys and Lady Lainey getting cross. So no change there then!!!

well after all the excitement of yesterday, I am calming myself down, twirling my orange curls, putting on my second besty frock and heading off to Lady Lainey workville.
short one today but it couldn't get much sweeter!!!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Middle of the week

So yesterday dawned foggy and yukky but it did get better which meant that former besty home county of  Durham were able to go out and get some play in. However poor 'Bambi Boy' was still down on his luck and was once again dismissed for a big fat 0!!

Stoneman put on runs with Borthwick but it was down to Captain Colleywobble and Borthwick to pile them on, and they did with the captain hitting 101 and 'badger hitting 136.
Durham closed on 362-8, which was a brilliant days knock.

The weather is looking unsettled here but hopefully they will get to play today as we don't look to have had any  rain over night.

In other cricket news Jonathan Trott says he is ready to get back with England. My thoughts, well to be honest I think that he needs to give England a miss for a season and get himself really pulled together. I can see the shambles of last winter happening over again, and much as I like Trott, I also think that if he cannot make it through a tour and has to come home again, it will as previously have a detrimental effect on the rest of the team.
Sometimes you have to look at the bigger picture.

The bigger picture is being looked at here at Tykes Towers or more to the point a bigger suitcase, yes I am getting ready for the weekend in London and as the weather forecast is changing hourly I am packing everything that I own, in a 'just in case' way.

I am hoping that the weather will be warm enough for a dress but can see me in thermals and 20 layers!! Never a good look for possibly being on SKY!!!

Dame Didi has  discovered the joys of having your shopping delivered. Being a little bit too unwell to go and get the food in for the monster children, she had it delivered. How easy was that! and now she can sit with a cup of tea and a biscuit whilst someone else does the donkey work.

Well time is rapidly moving on and I am off to super swanky Lady Lainey office to try to get things into some kind of order as no doubt in the hour that I left them office boys on their own last night, all hell will have broken out!.

I also must put some serious effort into getting a bath installed here at the Towers, shaving your legs in the bidet is not ideal!!!!.

Bon journee

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The weather is yukky

Yes I have woken up this morning to fog and rain and it's not looking like sunbathing weather at all, not that I would be able to sunbathe as I am stuck in super swanky Lady Lainey office.

After an early night ( again) I feel a little bit more refreshed but have still not managed to have a night of unbroken sleep in a few weeks and feel totally exhausted. However after this weekend I can just settle down and get ready for the big birthday bash.

Yesterday was a damp day with mist and rain on occasions, and these occasions managed to put paid to Durhams match against Northamptonshire. drizzle meant that the teams were in the pavilion most of the morning watching 'Jeremy Kyle' and 'cash in the attic'. The umpires said they would play after tea. However as the teams settled down to watch anything that was on CBB's it was decided that they could carry on watching the TV which was brighter than any light outside.
The days cricket was abandoned and today does not look any more hopeful, but fingers crossed.

The champions of the World, Tykeshire are not in  action until next Tuesday when it is to be hoped that their hangovers how gone. A week of rest for the boys.

Jack Shantry is still being well talked about after his amazing game last week ( and not because he has moved up the pecking order in my yet unpublished books 'Cricketers Posteriors'). His bowling has been described as 'Bothamlike' which in my books is now kiss of death for him!!!

Super swanky Lady Lainey office was in chaos yesterday as HQ interfered in  some paperwork which resulted in a massive reshuffle of already correct work, plus 'office boys' had been 'messing' about with registers and caused me a super headache trying to get them all back in order, as if I don't have enough to do all day with the shouting, the coffee swigging, and the looking pretty for 7 hours.....................redoing work that was correct when I left it!!!!..................today could mean war!!!!

And so as I don my armour and set forth into battle in the trusty Lady Lainey limo, I bid you all a good day.

Monday, 15 September 2014

800th blog Flipping heck!!!

Flipping heck 800 ramblings from the over crowded mind of I, lady Lainey, and more to the point lots of people reading it too!

Who would have thought when I first started writing it that Durham and Yorkshire would have both been crowned county champions.
Who would have thought that I would be no longer living at LT Towers  and now happily ensconced in Tykes Towers, yes a lot of things have happened in 800 blogs!

However yesterday was a very sedate day in Tykes Towers, as I Lady Lainey wrote my blog and then went back to bed for a couple of hours. Totally unheard of in the history of her Ladyship, ( except after I had been in hospital a few weeks ago and didn't get out of bed at all). Then I had a wander to the shops,  picked some blackberries which I duly put into the freezer.
I found some sloes which I quickly added to the pile of 'foraged goodies' and now have to look for the best value gin so that I will be having lovely tipples at Xmas.

I am coming to terms that the cricket season is nearly over, for me it should have been over a couple of weeks ago, but former besty home county of Durham gave me the added bonus of  two extra games, one being a final!!! how exciting!.

I am now making plans for the maaahooossiive birthday bash, and thoughts are turning to food and THE birthday cake. As well as struggling to find a DJ and time is getting tight. I haven't got to the 'what the devil will I wear' stage yet but that will be coming along very soon!

Invitations should be arriving on doorsteps soon.

I am also recording lots of things on Sky so that I have something to occupy the dark nights.

That and knitting my cricket jumper tea cosies!!

Oh well hopefully I won't have gone stark raving mad ( madder than I am already before any one thinks to add that comment) by the time we get to 900 blogs, and it won't be long that's for sure.

Have a great day, its Monday and its the run up to the big final at Lords on Saturday, and also a very special journey back to the place of my birth ( yes Yorkshire) for me on Thurday.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Sedate Sunday?

Ahh the joys of walking home in the early hours of the morning with your loved one after a full on evening at 'The claggy mat',AKA Blakes, AKA DL5. no not me!!  I was in bed by 9pm sound asleep. However some 'loved up' or rather 'tanked up' couple decided to have a full on domestic outside Tykes Towers at 2.30am this morning.
Yes the Deer Park was awash with revelations that would have been better kept behind closed doors. I now know more about the anatomy of the young man in question than my delicate ears cared to hear. I was tempted to get out of bed and see what the couple looked like ( just for future reference) but I was so warm and toasty that I just laid in bed listening to the revelations that were forthcoming.
Ahhhh young love!!! Flipping glad I choose to be single!!!

After a full 20 minutes of the unfurling drama the man across the road came out and shouted at them to

1.*flipping well shut up*
2. get back to your own *chuffing* house
3. My wife doesn't want to hear about your appendage ( which is odd as she is very vocal in the street regularly)
4. I have to *flipping*, *chuffing*, *balderdashing* go to work at 5am
* words changed to protect innocent ears

And so my early morning entertainment came to an abrupt end, I got up made myself a coffee and then settled back down to sleep.

Yes the merry making of Friday evening had fair worn me out  yesterday and after a visit from Dame Didi and Lord Christophe, I had a nap, did some washing, put the dishwasher on and then had a shower and got ready for bed.

Twitter was still alive with the congratulations for The Tykes, and my headache stood as testament to a well deserved championship title. Even after a full fry up, two choclate muffins with extra thick cream and lots of sugar free cherryade, I still didn't feel too good ( actually felt much worse). However today I am feeling much better and getting ready to do the housework!!!!

  Besty friend and ex Hants wicketkeeper  Garas  will no doubt be feeling a little under the weather this morning. he as off to a stag do in Cardiff, missed his stop and messaged to say he was on his way to Swansea! After an hour or so he went very quiet so I am guessing he got back to Cardiff met up with the stags and did whatever boys do on stag do's!!! ( do not even want to begin to think about that!).

So now I am off to get the hoover out and make Tykes Towers presentable again.

happy a very sedate Sunday.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

and today is officially......

.....Dizzy day, not so much in honour of Gillespie the Gallant ( although it should be) but  because that's how I feel. yes and I feel flipping rough as a badgers a**e too. I am hoping that those Tykes are not feeling as yukky as I do, but think they might be, along with most of the population of Yorkshire!!

And why do I feel so flipping awful at 6.32am on a Saturday morning. Well hell, unless you were on the moon yesterday and didn't hear, YORKSHIRE ARE COUNTY CHAMPIONS.

Oh yes indeedy. They went out on the field at l0.30am and were on the champers before lunch! ( as was I ,well on the dirty martini's!!).
A team that had 10 players that had come through the academy,  a bowler with 659 FC wickets under his belt as well as 4 County Championship wins. A coach who  was one of the greatest Australian bowlers, and of course the best fan in the world ( that would be moi!).

What better way to end my week, well it would have been better if I had hopped in the Lady Lainey  limo and raced down to Trent Bridge early yesterday but sadly the office boys needed me to shout at them so I had to stay in the North East.

I sat in the office, glued to Twitter clutching my hankies knowing that I would be in tears, and I was for over 30 minutes!!!!

I think I had gone through every emotion before 10.30am including shivering and shaking!

Sadly the ECB banned Andrew Gale from lifting the trophy which in my books was bad form, but no matter as he had steered the boys to their Championship title and that's what counts.

There was other cricket yesterday including a Durham win and also Jack Shantry bowling  brilliantly to help Worcestershire back into Division one, but...................

Yorkshire won the title and made my day, week, month, year!!!!!

So now as I try to swallow two paracetamol, wrap my Yorkshire shirt round me ( yes I still wear it to bed), I am going back to try to catch a few Z's before picking up eldest monster child nephew at the garage where his car is being serviced.

happy Dizzy day!!!!

I am proud to be a tyke!!!


Friday, 12 September 2014

Will it really be F(ryan's)day today? or........

.....................will it be unofficially 'Dizzy Day'?

Well after being all prepared yesterday 'just in case'. IT didn't happen, however what we did get was a HUGE amount of wickets and a great match at Trent Bridge.

The match started on time  and  after resuming on 58-4 Notts looked shaky Lumb was the first to fall to Jacky Brooks, but Notts were trying to put up a fight.. His Royal Ryanness stepped in and the wickets started to go, Adil Rashid ( nice teeth by the way) had a go and was rewarded with three wickets, by this time I was fair spinning round in  my chair faster than Wonder Woman in clothes change mode!

Poor old Notts were eventually bowled out for 203 with Read putting up a good show of cricket and ending on 81 not out. Little Joey Root decided that the follow on would ensue and off they trotted out to the field.

well you will never guess what happened??????? His Royal Ryanness only went and flipping well took a wicket with the first ball!!! OMG he was running round that field faster than I Lady Lainey run to the bar at last orders!!!

And so it continued, Brooks took two, Patterson took one and Ryan took another. By this time, Notts had moved onto 149-5, and the big hand on the clock had moved onto 'end of play'.

And so today I have the handbag repacked ready for ( what I hope is ) the inevitable.

'Yorkshire expects.....'

Down at Lords, Durham were putting up a real fight and after losing 'Bambi Boy' very cheaply ( some would say for free) yesterday they pulled back and great batting was shown by Muchall (74 not out), Captain Colleywobble (58) and Richardson (40), not forgetting Rushworth (19) who was bowled by Toby 'Roly-Poly' ( well its something similar!).
Middlesex need  396 runs to win and Durham need to bowl them out very quickly!

'Durham expects....'

I Lady Lainey spent yesterday alternating between being euphoric and nearly throwing up my bacon and sausage sandwich, slice of pizza and bannoffee pie. Note to self ' do not eat anything today'.

I also got a massive surprise for my 'little cricketers'. More to come on that and all will be revealed in due course.

So I am off to the 'orriface' and hoping that I will leave this evening feeling 'champion'


Thursday, 11 September 2014

Runs and wickets aplenty

So this time yesterday I was typing away like a mad thing thinking about what the day had in store..................... and never for one moment did I imagine that  it would finish like it did.
What happened?

Well, lets start at the beginning. Yorkshire were still batting and continued  until after tea. Timmy Bresnan and Steve Patterson actually looked at one point as if they were trying the new tactic of boring Notts into submission, however His Royal Ryanness came into bat, hit a couple and then they declared.532-9.

They went back onto the field all guns blazing, and  after Ryan opened the bowling Jacky Brooks stepped up and took first blood, followed by two from my doppelgänger ( 655 FC wickets to date). Jack Brooks took another one before stumps and Notts closed on 58-4.
OMG that is it in a nutshell, but it was far more exciting than I can put into words!
Got my hankies in my handbag because if they do the 'thing' today it will mean tears.

Down at Lords Chris Rushworth was going for it too and took 3 wickets! helping Durham to halt Middlesex in their tracks and bowl them out for 276.
Durham were 28-1 at close of play as Jennings once again fell to Murtagh for a duck. Poor Bambi Boy, its a long walk back to the pavilion  even with his long legs!
Little Henry Rushworth has been enjoying being at Lords, throwing conkers at WG Grace statue apparently, he must be getting some practice in for his Durham debut!

I also managed to summon up the courage to 'dispose' of the flipping massive spider that had taken up residence in Tyke Towers. it's amazing how handy a wine bottle can be!!!

So although it was a full on cricket day yesterday I am keeping this short as I am off to super swanky Lady Lainey office to prepare for 10.30am

Coffee ahoy boys!!!!

Oh yes and my finals tickets arrived it's all kicking off now!

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Here we go !!!

OK its really GAME ON  now!!!

Wowwweee what a flipping day it was yesterday in cricket land!!!
It was all going off and I mean really going off.

10.30am was the start time for all counties and Yorkshire were batting against Notts. Adam Lyth was dropped by Chris Read on the second ball and boy I bet Read wished now that he hadn't had 'butter fingers' as Lyth went on to hit 122, having put on 176 with his fellow opener Alex Lees, who hit a respectable 86.
Jonny Bairstow only managed 2 runs which leaves him with 38 to get his career best run score in the next innings. Gary Ballance was 82 not out at stumps and Yorks were 319-4.

Joe Root hit 11, and is captaining the side as Captain Gale is on his two match suspension.

And today is another day! and hopefully more runs. Record button is pressed!

Former besty home county of Durham were at ( the supposed) Home of cricket ( we all know it is really Headingly!). Had a message from daddy Rushworth who was pretending to be 'Mr Grumpy' and not liking being 'darn sarf'. However I was sure that once the boys hit the field he would be smiling...................................................and then I checked Twitter and realised that he would more likely be crying. score at 10.30am Jennings bowled a first ball duck! and it got worse as Durham slumped to 24-3.
Stokes and Borthwck came out to the crease and did the boys proud. Stokes clocked up 85 whilst Borthwick just kept going and managed to steer Durham into a good lead and at stumps he was 169 not out.

A great effort from Borthwick and no doubt there were some smiley faces last night. ( ok maybe a half smile from some). I was disappointed not to have had an update on weather, cake and price of coffee though!

Durham finished the day on 348-7.

I was in a tizzy in super swanky Lady Lainey office as Dan Dan cowboy draughtsman kept banging his knee on the metal bar supporting his desk. My other job in the office ( apart from shouting at boys, drinking copious amounts of coffee and looking pretty for 7 hours) is to phone the ambulance should the need arise ( they drew names out of a hat for that job). he was moaning ( more than usual)  about probably having to have a new knee cap ( ever the drama queen). I offered to call an ambulance but he declined on that.
Then at lunchtime as he came back from his 'walk' ( down to Taylors for a roast pork lunch), he climbed the stairs and was puffing and panting so much when he got to his desk, I though  we were going to have to really call an ambulance! Probably have to phone 'Stannah' today to get a chair lift fitted!!! ( 'Gremlins' comes to mind!).

Oh well best get off to work now, I have to pick Pony Paul up at the garage as they are having a look at the car to see if he has broken it yet again!

Until tomorrow........................

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

big cricket week ahead!

So it's a huge cricket week ahead for I Lady Lainey. Firstly my Tykes trundled down to Nottingham in the hopes that on Friday they will be county champions. It is also a milestone passing week for a couple of the players at the players at Tykeshire.
'Little' Timmy Bresnan requires two wickets to take his career total to 400, Jonny Bairstow is playing in his 100th First class match and needs 40 runs for a career best of  6000. Whilst his Royal Ryanness needs to take 47 wickets in this match to get his FC wicket haul to 700 ( I sort of think that is not going to happen!!!).

So hopefully it will be a Top Tyke, Cup lifting run/ wicket fest. I have got everything crossed!

Durham are at former home of I, Lady Lainey and are playing to keep in division one. These boys have to pull out all the stops to keep themselves in the top league for next season.
We all know that they have a One Day final to take part in next week but this really is most important!

'He who must not be named in the blog' took to twitter yesterday to state that ' I was only going to play for @surreycricket if we had a realistic chance of gaining promotion. Now that's gone, I'm not playing'. Hmmmmm what a super sportsman! What a role model for young cricketers across the land! What a total pile of dog poop! As you know I am not a fan of the man but I think that he has shown his true colours.
Surrey have been very gracious in response to this stating that they are giving young players a chance to play and gain experience.

And now ' he who must not be named in the blog' will be forever relegated to the  recycle bin. So endeth the Tuesday rant!.

Other news.................................Dan Dan cowboy draughtsman is back!!! and already is having problems with his knees ( 'it must be the stairs'), has a headache, not sure if he can make it into the office for 8am as his bus pass doesn't kick  in until 9.30am!!! (wtf get the flaming Merc out of the garage). Oh yes I had forgotten the delights of having Dan in the office. So we have a months work for him.................think I had better include him in the secret Santa!

One last Tykey tale. T20 man of the season Aaron Finch has been named Australias T20 captain after George Bailey stepped down from the role.Good luck Aaron.

And so the reckless, life living,cricket following, lots of great friends, fun party girl that is Lady Lainey  is off to the office.

Hope Daddy Rushworth remembers to send me updates on , cake, ice cream, weather and of course cricket.

have a fabby cricket day. I am making the most of the last few weeks!

Monday, 8 September 2014

Happy birthday to Dame Didi

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday Dame Didi
happy birthday to you

yes indeedy doody it is Dame Didi's 22 birthday today and she will be having a lie in and spending the day at her leisure.
I raced over to Chateau Saltburn yesterday to deliver her birthday pressies and have a chinwag. Didn't expect to be doing the housework!
I only briefly ventured into the 'jungle' that is youngest monster childs bedroom! OMG is all I can say, BOYS!!!!

Everyone seemed to have settled down after Durham's win on Saturday either that or they were nursing monster hangovers (which surprisingly I wasn't). I had done two loads of washing before  I set off for Saltburn and by the time I came back everything was dry. RESULT!

There was not much else going on when I got back to Tykes Towers, a bit of eBaying and a lot of napping until Mr Funky the chauffeur decided that if we were going back to former home of I Lady Lainey ( darn sarf mate) then we might as well make a weekend of it. Well I wasn't expecting that! cricket and a weekend back home.

Today see Durham travelling 'darn sarf' to my former home as they are up against Middlesex tomorrow.  whilst my Tykes are away to Nottinghamshire. That's going to keep me busy this week. Note to self, remember to set record tonight!

England also beat India in the  one off T20 match yesterday. Mind you it was a three run win so that will have been a great match to see. Love a bit of a thrill at cricket.!

Oh well it is that time again, yes it is curl twirling, tiara adjusting time, and also time to go to work, shout at boys, drink copious amounts of coffee and look pretty for seven hours. Its a hard job but someone has to do it!!

Finally as well as it being the birthday of besty sister Dame Didi it is also the birthday of oldest school friend Duchess Debbie the Wise, she is 21!!!!
Duchess Debbie and Lady Lainey circa couple of years ago at 6th form fancy dress ( obviously!)

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Winners are grinners

So yesterday we set off in rain to Chester le Street not expecting the game to start on time, but it did. I had forgotten that it would be on Sky and hadn't washed the curls, however 'robocam' man wasn't so interested in filming my hair but catching me when I had my cake hole stuffed full of.......................well cake, and pizza and ham salad etc.

I could give you a blow by blow break down of the match, but why the heck should I as there is only one thing to say, Durham won and we are off to lords! yes I am going 'home' and flipping glad I am too.

now as Durham are my former besty home county you might be wondering why I am so glad that they won, well

1. I sit through rain,  wind and sometimes sunshine to watch them
2. I struggle there inspite of the temperature spiking, heart palpitating lurgy that I have been blighted with for the past three years
3. I cannot get to see besty home county of Tykeshire as much as I would like
4. I am a gold member of Durham.( get my monies worth)

Ok here is the match in a nutshell. Durham were put into bat and Ben Stokes ( yes be prepared there is praise coming up). hit an amazing 164 to give Durham a brilliant score of 353-8 in their 50 overs.

Notts went into bat and 'Big' John Hastings took first blood, followed by Chris Rushworth who took three and looked in top form 9 months into his year long dry challenge. James Taylor stood his ground and hit 114 before being bowled by Stokes.
Gareth Breeze in his last match ever at The Riverside took three wickets to see his playing days at Chester le street off on a fantastic note.

Everyone in the ground ( Notts supporters excluded) were on their feet and their were lots of happy faces.
Henry Rushworth was cheering for his Daddy whilst wearing his Durham  t' shirt and hoodie. very smart he looked too as he pulled pepperoni off pizza and ate it as quickly as he could!

And so Twitter was fully alive with Durham tweets and I was transported back to the heady holiday in France last year when Durham won the championship and I couldn't keep up with the tweets, nearly blowing up the Wifi ( of wiffy as it is known in France) in the process.

Well time to calm down and gear myself for my Tykes going in for the kill this week against Nottinghamshire  ( starting on Tuesday and being recorded whilst I am at work).
The next couple of weeks are going to be goodies due to gaining another cricket day!
She thought it was all over, but gets another match!!!!

Saturday, 6 September 2014

It's only raining!!! on Semi Final day!!!

Oh my dog!! it's only raining......on semi finals day!!! And I had a pretty frock to wear too! Think that is going back into the wardrobe and the boots and leggings are coming out!

I am not going to bother to style the curls as I think that they will have a mind of their own in damp conditions. However all the party food is done! and I am super excited about today as I have stated that it is my unofficial birthday!

Yesterday we had a full on busy day in super swanky Lady Lainey office and boys managed to do quite a lot of work. However they still had time to sing very loudly and behave in an inappropriate manner .
Joe Root was however not behaving in an inappropriate manner as he hit a century which steered England to their win over India in the ODI.
Great that Joe did it on home turf too.

Durham also signed Indian player Varun Aaron to play for them over their last few matches. Hopefully this will see them staying in the first division this season and making I Lady Lainey jolly flipping happy.

Woohoo I am listening intently to the sounds of 'outdoors' and I cannot hear rain splashing off the guttering, that's a good sign Non??

And I have just checked the weather forecast for the Metropolis of Chester Le Street, its not showing rain but it also is not too warm, however I might just put the frock on after all, well it is my 'unofficial' birthday and as it isn't even 7am things could be looking up.

I might just put some warmer clothes in my bag!

well off to get ready, super duper excited!
Come on you Durham!!!