Monday, 5 October 2015

And it's Monday again

It;s Monday and it's been a full on weekend, good old Black Knight of the Ferrari pulled out all the stops which may explain why I feel so tired this morning, in reality it is because I had very little sleep last night.
it was sort of like my elbows knew that I was tired, that I wanted an early night and that they decided that they were going to inflict lots of hurty pain on me making it impossible to sleep.

Hmmm I need to sort these elbows out this week as I cannot go through another week of this ( although I think that we all know that I will be).

The week ahead seems to be the usual nonsense and to be honest I hope that it will fly by in the hopes that by the end of it I am relatively pain free.

What I do have to look forward to is some crickety type  news as England begin their match against Pakistan A in Sharjah. Yes it is all kicking off in about 15 minutes time.
I cannot find any team news though, so I guessing they are still looking for a hat to pull the names out of!
Spoke too soon it has appeared on my twitter feed,

No place for Plunkett but Root, Bairstow and Rashid are in there. Yorkshire, Yorkshire, Yorkshire.
My prediciton on the game.

Well I think that England should do well, I think that the man with no lips (Bell) will probably be out for about 10 and that Jonny Bairstow will hit 100-125

Woooo I am beginning to sound like 'Mystic Meg;!!!!!!

I also saw on Twitter that on the 11th October Sky will be showing the last and extended  part of 'Cricketing Yorkshire'. I cannot wait for this, flipping brilliant news!!!! and hopefully all this series will be put out on DVD  and be on sale before Christmas.

It was great viewing for all Yorkshire fans and gave a great insight into what goes on behind the scenes.

Rightio this is super short, and super boring.

If anyone has some juicy gossip  that they want to share with me for tomorrows blog  just send me an email!!!

Off to crack the whip and try to get through another day in Super Swanky Lady Lainey office.

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