Saturday, 17 October 2015

I've only done 1200 blogs!!!!!!

Heavans to Betsey, would you believe that I have actually scribbled 1200 blogs!!! OH MY DAYS!!!! and some of you have read nearly every one of them.


Or just carry on reading because you can be sure that there is better to come.
This time 100 blogs ago I NEVER imagined that I would be interviewing Gillespie the Gallant and not only once but twice!!!
Yes this blog is going places, where I am not sure but hey lets see where the next 100 blogs take us.

So I have just had my first night dog sitting.I have to say they three legged lurcher had me up 4 times to go out......only to wait until I had opened the door and then race back upstairs and stretch out on the bed.

All three dogs have now taken control of the sofas meaning I am in the conservatory!!!!!. Its also it is raining so I am not relishing the thought of 'walkies'

Over in the UAE Captain Cook was having a great day yesyerday as he was sailing closer to 400 runs however it was not to be. However this has to be the most tedious test I have ever had to listen to. Ihave chosen not to watch it.

Captain Cook also batted for like a million years and there was lots of confusion in the TMS box as to whether or not it was a record.

Right best go and feed the hounds.

And then I am having a bath. First one since Scarbados!

Woooohooooo 1200 blogs

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