Thursday, 1 October 2015

Thursday and nearly the weekend

yeay !!! It is Thursday and it is getting closer to the weekend.

Super flipping great news is that  because my elbows have been giving me so much hurty pain, Black Knight of the Ferrari feels sorry for me and is going to take me out at the weekend.
Not sure where, I did say that I didn't fancy South Park in Darlington or less so Moor Lane Park in Aycliffe, so I will leave it up to him.
He knows that I like to play on the swings which is why I mentioned the parks above. We have been known to do this when we have had a few sherry shandies!
Actually we have been in some real scrapes when we have had some sherry shandies but the least said about that the better.

The office was jolly quiet yesterday as Trill Boy was missing. I was able to take my painkillers and have some sleep and not be bothered by singing, screaming or wind!!!!!
I did however wake myself up snoring!!!! What the flip is that all about!! I am a lady I don't snore!!!!

I think I know what is causing it  and I am now sorting it out.

All the England boys headed off to the UAE yesterday, and in Nottingham 'big unit' Luke Fletcher gave a frank interview regarding the 2015 season.
I actually had tears in my eyes when I read it. I think that I was already aware that he had been treated pretty shabbily but to see it in print!!!!
Anyhow he is going to be a daddy!!!! There is going to be a mini 'big unit'. Now that is something lovely.

I love babies as I think that regular readers will know.

There have been lots of moving around now the season is over.

James Fuller has jumped ship from Glouscestershire and is off to Middlesex

Middlesex released Gurjit Sandhu

Kent  named Sam Northeast as Captain ( Captain  Southeast).

Northants released Kyle Coetzer and Maurice Chambers.

And poor old Sussex have just been relegated and now Liddle, Piolet and Zaidi have all left.

Wow and that was all in one day, wonder what happens today?????

Well I am up dressed, got the flipping support thing on my elbow which makes deciding what to wear a little bit more difficult. And after a couple of strong coffees, stronger painkillers I am ready to face the world..............well the world that is work.

And finally yesterday saw the funeral of Brian Close in Headingley. There was a fitting send off for a great ex Yorkshire player.

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