Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Wish I felt better!!

Oh my dog!!!!!! to say that I feel poorly is an understatement.I managed to get through yesterday including having my face blasted with diamonds. ( which was lovely really).

However I got home,  made some dinner and never even got to eat it,before I was sick and then so cold that my teeth were actually chattering. By 7.30pm I was in bed in pj's, dressing gown, a hot water bottle and two duvets! I was still freezing,
This mornig trying to get out of bed was a real effort. my stomach feels as if I have been doing hundreds of sit ups, my head feels like someone elses( and I wish it was) and my legs and arms hurt so much. I doubt this is full blown flu as when I had it  I actually couldn't get out of bed for 4 days.
My only concern is that this doesn't get any worse and transform into the heart palpitating temperature spiking lurgy which usually involves a spell in hospital. No we are not going down that route.

So green tea, and cold and flu remedy are the way forward,as long as they stay down!!!!

I see me havng a day long nap at Super swanky Lady Lainey office today!

I have been reading about the bid to get T20 cricket as an Olympic Sport. Well I think that it would be brilliant and for me much better than beach volleyball. Shane Warne ( nee Hurley) is one of the great supporters of getting it into the Olympics.
T20 is being touted as the best format for being played. cricket has not featured in the Olympics since 1900.
With so many countries now playing cricket it woukls be great to see this happen. I am for once totally behind old Warney!

What I am not too keen on is the fact that in November he is taking his 'roadshow; of to the USA to play a series  of all Star Matches to help globalise the sport.

The USA is the wrong place to do this as they will claim to have invernted the game.


They will turn a gentlemans sport into a complete circus ( worse than an IPL match)


Why would you go to the USA???? A country who play rounders and netball as their national sports!!!!!


Hopefully if he goes there he might stay! which is actually a plus!

Oh dear I am being a tad abrasive this morning, so think that I had better try and move my seriously aching body and get off to the office.


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