Thursday, 8 October 2015

Would you 'Adam and Eve' it

Well blow me down!!!!! I have actually nearly had a full nights sleep.and on top of that, I have woken up nearly ( and I did say nearly) pain free. I had to forego my elbow strapping yesterday,all day and although I was in lots of hurty pain, I carried on. I seem to be about to turn a corner...........................I hope
Lets see how I get on today.

And lets see how  England get on today as they take on have another warm up match today, not that they will be needing to warm up as it is jolly flipping scorchio in Sharjah!!
I cannot find the team yet, I don't think that they are releasing it until 6.30am.

Hope news in the cricket world is the perjury trial of Chris Cairns in London is not goign to be the opening of flood gates to the destruction of other cricketers  credibility.
This really brings the black side of cricket back.
Match fixing, dragging others down with you.
However will the truth come out this time????
Well we will have to wait and see and see how many others are dragged down.

Worcestershire have lost Richard Oliver as he refused to sign a new one year contract. He is now heading 'down under' for the close season and will be hoping to be picked up by another county before the start of next season.
Oliver was the former Shropshire captain, who came into county cricket quite late ( he is only 25 now!!!!), he  was picked up to play in the T20 format in 2014.

Chris Rogers the  one man touring side of cricket, has now signed for Somerset for the 2016 season . He has already played for Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Northants and Middlesex. He really is a Romany cricketer.

Now I am heading off to Super Swanky Lady Lainey office and have just seen that 3 Yorkies are in the England team. Bairstow, Rashid and Plunkett.


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