Thursday, 13 December 2018

And Thursday begins

I can only advise anyone in the North East of Blighty to stay in bed today, where it is nice and warm. I was up at the usual time (5.15am), put the kettle on and then decided to put the recycling out...............holy moly! it was freezing, I decided that the recycling can wait until tomorrow.

As I have probably said all this week, I cannot wait for my ( shorter than normal) Christmas break so that I can just stay in bed with my electric blanket!

And thoughts are turning to Christmas.

Thankfully Royal Mail managed to deliver the cards and presents that I had ready to go at the weekend. ( not so some of my ebay things which have gone AWOL).
I love the whole thing about preparing and giving at Christmas.
As most of my pressies are food related I tend to do a lot of the preparing during the year.
And Christmas is a time for giving, I have been putting together a 'reverse'advent box, where I put something INTO it everyday.
I have been putting tinned and dry goods into the box and on the 24th I will add the last things and then hand it over and it will be given to a family who are less fortunate than myself. Hopefully it will be useful to them over the Xmas period.

I have scanned just about every paper and cricket site for a sliver of news, and there is nothing that is really worth writing about.
It seems that today is a dead day on the news front.

I think then that it is time to head out of the door and make my way to the office.

The roadworks have eased off for the time being although I imagine that they will return in the New Year.

So I wish you all a Happy Thursday, and wrap up warm.

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Midweek and struggling

Oh my dog!!!

I am totally and utterly worn out!

I really want to turn over and go back to sleep and for those of you that know me, you will know that this is not like me at all.

I am hoping that the new year will see me feeling more like myself and less like the bed monster I am slowly turning into.

I'm guessing that the lurgy and work events are not helping, I know that a lot of my gang at work are feeling the same.

I need lots of R & R.

And it seems that I am getting it in the cricket way as I cannot find any news which is of interest.
Australia and India do not take to the field until Friday.

It was interesting to see that after David 'smugmug' Warner was signed up for the BPL, it  seems that Steve Smiths place is in jeopardy.
He was selected as a replacement, but his inclusion came after the draft which is against BPL laws. The matter has been sent to the Bangladesh cricket board.

The lists are out for the IPL auction which takes place on the 18th. Interesting to see Steve Finn's name on the list. My guess is that he gets snapped up and then is crocked and spends the games on the bench. Just a hunch on his previous overseas tours.

Its super cold and frosty this morning and I am still in my bed typing this.
The mornings are pitch black and I for one cannot wait for the 21st, after that it is summer!!! well nearer to summer!!!

Oh well time to hoist the bulk into action.

I will be needing my thermals today I guess.

Have a great Wednesday, only 2 more getty ups until I can have a lie in.

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Normal(ish) service is resumed

Well here we are at Tuesday and its a jolly cold one I can tell you.I'll be glad when the Christmas break arrives and I can have some extra long lie ins (  until about 6.45am).

However 9 more working days until that happens and today is as busy as yesterday, which started with a very early meeting, long drive  and finished with a trip to the docs ( about the sinusitis and extreme eye pain) and then turned into a bit of a mad dash over to the opticians for  lots of tests on my eyes.
Luckily when I got back to the docs, all was well with the important parts of my eye, and  it appears that the sinusitis ( which I have never had before and never want again) is the cause of the intense pain. So tablets ands a saline spray are now my best friends!

Time to see what is happening in the world of cricket.

Well just when you thought that the 100 ball is the most stupid idea ever............................the BBL have only scrapped the coin toss, in favour off............................................................the bat flip!!!!
seriously is there some competition between all cricket associations to come up with the most ludicrous idea.
Not only do we now have 'batters' as the name for a batsman,another Aussie idea, and lazy speak like a lot of their words, it is also to be PC!. I played cricket for a number  of seasons before it was really 'trendy' for woman to play and we were 'batsmen'. No one was upset or had their feelings hurt, no one demanded to be called 'batswoman'!

Cricket is seriously in danger of becoming a parody of the original game unless someone does something soon.

I'm waiting for 'timeouts' and 'sin bins' to be brought in once the Americans get to grips with the game ( and of course they will have invented the game)

Time to stop all of this now!

Oh dear off on a rant!

England  named an unchanged side to face the West Indies  on the upcoming tour, although they have changed the ODI side, David Willey is named. Much to most hacks surprise, Sam Curran is omitted.

England are also waiting to see when the rush through to get Jofi Archer qualified to play for England will be,

Ah yes because we have no talent already in this country.


Well time to head out of the door now.

Have a great Tuesday and I promise not to get on a rant tomorrow!

Sunday, 9 December 2018

late start

its a late start today and although I had a decent sleep ( with some cricket in the background) I am totally exhausted this morning.

however lots to do and best to get on with it.

In cricket Australia have a mountain to climb tomorrow, although I have to say that they ate showing some spirit.

Great to see that Joe Root has signed a 3 year contract with Yorkshire, we may not see much of him, but he is staying close to his roots ( excuse the pun).

With the start of the BBL imminent, it is interesting to read that the IPL is causing havoc with fixtures. Wonder what the franchise will do when it lands here.

I had a full on busy day which included bumping into a very old friend, although we have been in regular contact via facebook, I haven't seen him in over 30 years.As it should always be with true friends, it was if I had only seen him yesterday and we laughed so much.
Our paths have taken different routes, but he hasn't changed a bit, although he did say I was terribly posh!!! ( and still as mad as a box of frogs).

today is mainly about wrapping things up to get to the post office and start the final push for Xmas.

New Year is just around the corner and I know its going to be a good one.

happy Sunday

Saturday, 8 December 2018

Its a windy one

I woke up at 2am ( the radio was broadcasting the cricket to itself prior to this ) and it was blowing a gale outside, I crawled out of bed eventually when the cricket finished and then remembered the death of the 'lapdog', attempted to get the tablet to work ( after a few years of none use ) and  am now in the study typing this up.

I have lot to do today with card dropping off, pressie giving and shopping for a new laptop.

And I can see that although the sun is shining, it is bitterly cold outside.

So in cricket as expected  Stokes and Hales were fined over the Bristol incident., not a lot else that they could do to them really.

Lancashire has signed Glenn Maxwell. He is expected to play a part in all three formats of the game. good luck with that one!

and I spoke last night to one of the coaches who had been in the frame for the batting coach job at Yorkshire. He's not taking it ( as we know  as they are still looking). shame really as he is a great person and would have been good for the role.

David Warner is named as captain for some team in the Bangladesh Premier league. Got to make some money somewhere!

And now I am off out into the wild and windy day  to do stuff.

Have a good one.

Friday, 7 December 2018


I am currently lying in bed typing this, listening to the cricket and can hear the sound of rain falling outside................I just do not want to get up, its warm and cosy.

The dark mornings (and evenings) are not something that I like at all and I know that if I was an animal I would be a hedgehog, not because I am prickly ( although some would disagree) but because I could hibernate!

I have had the cricket on all night, Australia having a nightmare with the loss of Finch for a big fat 0.
Its now down to Head and Cummins to try to get the runs up to a respectable number as they chase 250.



Quickly get in car and race to work with said device.

The news is, that it has not just crashed, it has died!

RIP little 'lapdog' you were a great help to me on my travels and  I will miss you so much.

And now I am on the net looking for a new one.

Happy Friday.

Thursday, 6 December 2018

home stretch

So it Thursday and I am on the home stretch with the weekend ahead of me, the weather is not showing any signs of improving, which means that more cold, foggy, icy mornings are on the agenda. I no likey!!

I also no likey being tired due to having the radio on all night and listening to the cricket from down under, from down under my duvet!!!,my own fault I know, but any cricket is better than no cricket.

Australia had a great opening session with a flurry of wickets 'Steve'  Pujara is currently (5.42am) frustrating the Aussie bowlers.
Pat  Cummins dismissed Kohli in his first over!

Interesting to listen to the Aussie commentators taking about all the formats of cricket  that are shooting up at the moment.
It seems that they do not think  circus cricket is the saviour of cricket.

Liam Plunkett is off to the BBL to play for Melbourne Meringues ( or what ever they are called), he has been drafted in to replace an injured Lancashires Matt Parkinson.

IPL which is due to begin in mid March is still without venues. It was decided to wait until after the election in India to make the decision. When they changed venues in 2009 and 2014 it was all left to the last minute before the venue was known.

Interesting to see that Dimi Mascarenhas has left his role of  assistant head coach with Essex after one season.
Is he going to stay in the UK?
Is the all rounder up for a batting coach position?
And now that Essex are having to re jig their coaching side, who will they be looking to!

Good to see former Tyke Will Rhodes renewing his contract with  Warwickshire and also Ryan Sidebottom..........not the 'real' one of course but the Australian version.

I had a fabulous catch up with my old London work mate, Phil ,last night, we were an underwriting 'team' in the good old London days.
Hard to believe how long ago that was!
It was just what I needed and as expected I laughed a lot. An absolute tonic  is Phil.

Well one thing that I do know as I head to the weekend, is that I have been messed around royally this week by people who should know better. I assure you that today I come out fighting and  woe betide one of those people if they try to fob me off.

Right off to start the day.

Happy Thursday.