Friday, 21 September 2018

Another cricket day

Yesterday I met up with Craig, who had decided to stay another day, and we took our seats  with Ray and Mary.
All eyes were on Adam Lyth as he hit a century, and continued to motor on.
Craig managed to get some fabulous pictures.

Lunch arrived and so did the rain..........................and more rain.

Jim arrived at 2.30pm and after he recharged his phone and thirst at the hotel, we headed off to the Skyrack for  drinks.

it was still raining!

Well you can tell how that ended.

Jim was on the 6.37pm train and I was in bed and asleep before 8pm.

Today there is blue sky and the sun is attempting to shine,will we get any cricket, it will take a super human effort by the groundsmen.

Kent have managed to be promoted to Division One, which is great news for them,, sadly Warwickshire look have put paid to Sussex getting promoted.
There is always next year for them to join the top flight.

We stilll have to keep ouor place in the first division, and as the match is looking to draw that will be 11 points taken for us.

I'm going to head off for some breakfast and then walk into Headingley. I want to have a rummage in the Oxfam book shop.

I really hope we get some play today.

Have a great Friday

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Game on

So after an early start, I met up with Craig, one year on, now a retired Firefighter, Craig is enjoying life as a photographer, and wow he takes some exceptional pictures.
After much catching up and chatter, I had a look through his 'holiday' pictures, a month in Canada, whale watching.

These pictures were absolutely stunning and made me reconsider some of my travel plans in the next few years.

We caught up with Ray and Mary who both look very well and have been enjoying a summer of cricket together.

And then there was the weather, which started with warmth and sunshine as I left home, and then got a little bit grey and blustery as I moved south.
We sat through  gale force winds, a very cold and clothes soaking rain storm and then sunshine, turning to bitter cold before we headed home.

It was a great day and great to catch up with Craig, who has now decided to stay for one more day so that we can have more chatter.

And then there was Yorkshire,

They were trying to bowl Hampshire out and I have to say that in those winds I would not have wanted to be running up. Bressy managed to take a 5fer though.

After rain stop play we managed to bowl out the Southern boys and then were back in batting, Lythy got a half century and we were 172-4 at stumps.

Come on lads do me proud.

And talking doing me proud, TLJL hit his second century in a week, getting 126 in the 2nds match.
You just know he will be in the first team next week! should I head off to Worcestershire??
Might be worth a trip!

Durham had a disastrous trip to Leicestershire where they were bowled out twice in two sessions, both scores in the 60's.
Highest scorer for the team was former Tyke Alex Lees with 16!!!

Right I am off to have some breakfast and then a brisk walk before meeting up with Craig for more laughter.

Happy Thursday where ever you are.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Midweek already! goodness me!

Well its been a couple of days I can tell you, firstly I heard of the passing of one of my Dads fire brigade colleagues, Bob .‘Pop’ as he was fondly known, he  was a larger than life character and also a great painter and decorator! ( our staircase and landing were testament to that)
Sadly there are not too many of the original  watch still around.
Such very sad news.

I then heard that one of my former colleagues at Merchant Taylors had passed away too. Very hard to believe. Geoffrey was a lovely man who I had a lot of time for.

Loss is also on the cards in cricket but only in the form of ‘retirement’ as Geoff Cook steps away from Durham CCC where he had been for 27 years, will there be more to follow?
There are some who have been there nearly as long as Geoff, in both a playing and coaching role, maybe change is the key.

I am still waiting to see if the rumoured choice of batting coach will be coming to Yorkshire, I am actually really excited at the thought of this man taking on the role ( if he does). Top bloke, someone that I have known for many years. Come on Yorkshire give him the job!

And talking Yorkshire lets have a look at yesterdays play.

Weather caused delays to the start and Hampshire were bowling...................and they were bowling, when we were 72-5 I decided to go into the meeting room and get on with some spreadsheets. Only way to try to distract me.
They ended their first innings  184 all out but our bowling attack went into action and had Hampshire 79-5 at stumps.

If I thought we were batting poorly though, Worcestershire, who started on time were 94 all out before the lunch potatoes were cooked!

Stokes and Hales are off to a disciplinary hearing in December. Yawn yawn yawn, like the ECB will do anything with the monster they created!

Before I forget HUGE shout out to TLJL who was in the runs again yesterday for Yorkshire 2nds!!!!!

And that's it, I'm meeting up with my old friend Craig  for a day out today, We need to have a  catch up we haven;t seen each other for about a year. Lots to chat about, most especially his new career post Fire Service.

Have a super dooper day.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Here we go day 1

So today we take on my former besty team in the south, Hampshire, ahhh the heady days of spending a lot of summers with that  team.
And what a team, at that time there was still Robin Smith, the last days of David Gower and Mark Nicholas  not forgetting Malcolm Marshall.
Malcolm always had to time to chat, a lovely man.
I'll never forget Malcolm’s last Sunday league match at Northlands Road when due to rain meaning no play,, he asked all those who had been sitting around in the ground to join him in the pavilion for a drink.

Drinking (obviously) played a big part  apre game and this would start in the bar over the squash courts at the Northlands Road Ground, now sadly a housing estate.
We usually ended the night in Zorbas Kebab House in Portswood!

I met one of my greatest friends Martin Jean-Jacques there, and was at the United Services Ground at Portsmouth for the match against Durham when he suffered his career ending knee injury.
There are many other names that I rubbed shoulders with on a regular basis, some of these are or have been in the England set up in coaching capacities. Wood and Garaway and Shine being some of the  names.
My most feared man though had to be Norman Cowans who absolutely terrified me!
However none of them were as special to me as Terry, who was( and still is) the attendant  to the team and always took very good care of me.
When drinks were delivered to the field, there was always a drink for me.
I was lucky enough to catch up with Terry last year at the Ageas bowl, it was over 20 years since I had last seen him.
That made no difference it was as if we had seen each other last week!

We had some great times and lots of laughs, how the team laughed when I turned up late at Portsmouth after begging the man at the gate to let me park my car and give me my ticket for  the match, it would have been fine had I not taken a wrong turn and been  at the P & O  ferry  port!!!!!!

And today they are at my beloved Headingley.
I would like to wish them all the best in this match, however  I my cheering will be for my boys,
Hampshire may have been my besty team in the South  ( it was easy for me to get to matches in Southampton and the surrounding areas), but there is only one Yorkshire.

Come on boys, do your stuff,



Monday, 17 September 2018

Big week 1

S its the start of a big week and although I will not have my perfect dream team on the field I am waiting for the team news to see if my 'little ' dream team are playing.
Its a big game and time to really get behind the boys.

Come on Yorkshire.

There is still much to play for and I know that we can get these two matches under our belt and  make good.

My white rose in the extensive grounds of the chateau is still blooming so I am taking this as a good sign.

yesterday was a busy day and I managed to get all the things done that I had planned with the exception of steam cleaning a rug, I have decided to save that excitement for one night this week!

The chutney shelf is overflowing and I am sorted with the needs for Xmas hampers, next stop christmas cakes.
Every year I make them , this year when I have priced up everything, I have been slightly shocked by how much the ingredients have gone up, would it be cheaper to buy from M & S?
Well probably but they won't be made to my secret recipe.

I have realised that sometimes homemade is not always the cheaper option.
I discussed this with my friend who has set up her own business recycling fabrics into more usable things.

She said that she doesn't even get the minimum wage per hour on the cost of her makes. If she added that onto the price no one would buy.

Ah well as there is very little crickety news I am heading off on the 167  to take on the week.

Have a good one.

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Its very autumnal

Its a cold and Autumnal morning here in the North East of Blighty, the washing is on and the beds are stripped, one batch of 'hedgerow chutney' is made and I am about to make another batch of tomato and lime, using the tomatoes that I have grown.

All to be done in the next hour or so and then a trip to the 'dechetterie' and the charity shop, they will be getting a delivery of shoes and handbags!
Yes I have had a cull and I am letting go of some more things!

I have decided to pack up the cricket sweaters for safe keeping and will be doing that later.

Yesterday was a full day of cricket  and it turned into a bit of a party as I had surprise visitors, well they knew I would have the cricket on and there would be food! ( I'm useful for some things!)

As I had backed Worcestershire, I was really pleased to see them win the trophy on their first visit

However that feeling in the pit of my stomach about the whole commercial feel of the day didn't sit well, I have been , it was fun, and a full day out, but it is all a bit to razzmatazz for me.

It made me think about the '100' will it sell out at a final?

So very well done to Worcestershire and hard cheese to Sussex. that's the game, someone wins someone loses

Well a big two weeks loom for the White Rose and I am preparing myself now for it. We are up against  Hampshire who look to be without Dale Steyn who has been called up into the South African team.
Great news for South Africa not so for Hampshire.

I'm off now to do all my jobs.

happy Sunday,

Saturday, 15 September 2018

It's Final's Day

Well its here the day that I love despite not being a fan of T20.

I do however love the mascot race which  is usually good fun.

My boys didn't get through but there is still plenty of cricket to watch, I'm backing Worcester this year ( so that's kiss of death for them).

Yesterday my 2nd XI boys were playing a friendly against Surrey day one  had been abandoned  leaving the boys to go wild in Guildford ( if you can do such a thing).

 I have been searching for the full match report but as yet it is not up on the Yorkshire CCC website, so here is the news.

TLJL, sorry, TALJL  scored 115 no!!!!

And that is the end of the report!!!

To say that I am over the moon for Jack is an understatement!

Underplayed and underrated this season, in my opinion!

I have some chores to do before the day is dedicated to cricket.

Im off to buy wool.................I wonder what that will turn into?

Happy Finals Day and good luck to all teams

And a special call out to Jemima and Steve off to Berlin for a little trot round the city!
I'm in total awe of them both, dedicated marathon runners.