Friday, 22 June 2018

One year

Well its half day Friday and it is also one year since I took my seat in the office, who knew then where we would be now?

Another busy day as I prepare for the two 'D days' coming up. next week is going to be really busy and I need to cram as much into my half day as possible.

Down in Hampshire, my boys have got to cram as many wickets in today as possible. Yesterday the tail enders managed to get the runs up to 350 with  Captain Patto hitting 37.
They took three wickets but Jimmy Adams is proving to be their nemesis with an unbeaten 132. first job of the morning is to see him off.
Then clean up and head out to get runs.

I should have, in theory, been sitting in the swanky lounge now whilst waiting to board my 'private ( well with 30 other folk) jet to get me to Southampton for start of play, however the air fare and hotels had doubled in price since last season and I decided that I could have a week in Barbados for that money!
I love my boys but not that much.

England were in action at The Riverside and made short work of the Aussies who  now need to up their game or they will go home with their tails between their legs.

Marsh and Finch both got centuries but it was to no avail.
Some great bowling from David Willey and a century from Roy put England on the winners podium again.
It was also their highest one day run chase total and very well done to the boys.

I will be keeping an eyes on all things south of Fleet services today and wish my boys the very best in the wicket department.


I am now off to see 'big Al' to order the bacon butties for the gang.

And later I will be coming home to housework! Ah the glamorous life!

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Big day

So its Thursday and its a big day for the boys, as they head out to the crease for day 2 against Hampshire.

I had my heart in my mouth at 11.30am yesterday as they slumped to 21-3 and lots of questions being about Lees place on the team as he went for a duck, closely followed by Pujara, who still has to show his worth for us.
It took a fabulous century by Gazza to put us on track and with a cracking 79 & 39 by Brook and TLJL, they went to bed with 315 runs on the board and 7 men back in the hutch.

There was some outstanding bowling by Dale 'The Stare' and I was kept up to date ( and got some fab photos) from 'James Bond' who is undercover at the ground for me.
Yes Moneypenny was a very happy girl as she toddled off to bed last night.

There is everything to play for here lads and I know that you an do this!

We have apparently drafted in a batting coach, I think this answers a lot of questions we had about this side of the team.

I will be keeping a beady eye on the Rose Bowl today.

I went off to the pub quiz last night and answered the only cricket question, I though it was easy but we were the only team with the correct answer.

now I must head off to the office and get things into further order.

its Thursday, the weekend is so close I can hear the champagne cork popping..
have a good one

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Mid week already

So here we are at Wednesday and it seems that 'D Day' is about to be put back a week, if my voice mail messages are to be believed. Frustrating is one word I could use, stressful is another.

So yesterday I headed up to Brandon to watch a spot of 2nd XI cricket, something that I haven't done for a while. It was interesting to see a very young team ( apart from Rafiq). There is also a young man with very 'Ryanesque' hair!!

Back home to watch the ODI from lovely Trent Bridge,

Well that was some day for the Ebgland team, with the highest ODI score ever of 481 they completely thrashed the Aussies by 242 runs.With outstanding scores by  Alex Hales and Jonny B it was a great match to watch, if you were an England supporter that is.

News that Middlesex have loaned out Ollie Raynor to Hampshire, means that they are strengthening their bowling attack.

And talking Hampshire all things are geared to the start of play today.

Come on Yorkshire.
We can do this!

Other England news, Stokes is out of the T20 and the Curran kids are in the frame.
Stokes and Woakes are both omitted and are expected to miss the remainder of the of the 5 day series,
Stokes has a torn hamstring.
Was the big money of the IPL worth it?

Well England would probably say no, but Stokes bank manager will probably be rubbing his hands with glee.

I am heading off to continue to the clearing out of the office ahead of the other D Day and getting things into some sort of order.
Then tonight  I am off to the pub quiz.

Rock n Roll!

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

White Roses

So this morning  I woke up without a plane ticket to London, but with a very good feeling. Yesterday  we saw my boys lose their semi final match against Hampshire, but we saw what the future of the club looks like.

I am still reeling over the retirement of my beloved Hoddy, but  saw in his replacement, Jonathan Tattersall, a confident young man who is going to be amazing.

So lets back track.

10.50am, radio on at desk, white rose on dress and I'm set.

Yorkshire chose to bowl.

Adams was gone in the the 5th over and  and Roussouw before the 13th but a brilliant 171 from Vince put lots of runs on the board and with a total of 348-9 yYorkshire had to go some. Adam and Tom KC had a go, but Jonnys 89 was the best score of the day.

it was not to be, however we have bigger fish to fry and the boys are staying down  in Southampton as they have a CC match against Hampshire coming up.

Time to really give the lads a boost, they can win this game.
Its a young team, buts its our team and its the line up that we  will be seeing for a while.

As to the One day cup final?

Well I am backing Hampshire.

In other crickety news, Heath Steak the former Zimbabwe coach is off to Scotland to give his help for the remainder of the Tri Series.

Me thinks he is looking for a new job.

well I am off to do a spot of work and then going to cheer on Yorkshire 2nds  as they are playing in Durham.

I will be reporting on my 'rosebuds' tomorrow.

Monday, 18 June 2018

a new week begins!

A new week begins and today is the day!

11.00am and I am tuning in to the match. My boys are in semi final action against my besty team in the south Hampshire.

I hope that it is not as nail biting as yesterdays!

Worcestershire v Kent, what a game!!!!

Worcestershire batted first and looked as if they would be all out in next to no time however a fabulous display by D'Oliveira , Cox (122*) and Barnard took the score from 48-4 to a closing total of  306-6.

some score and after Kent lost  3 early wickets the previous quiet Worcs crowd got very lively.

It was one of those games that you really wish that you had been at.
Kent fought back and it went down to the wire.
Kent won, but I had been silently backing the Worcestershire boys!

So Kent are going to Lords.

sadder news today is that the lovely Michael Carberry is possibly  taking legal action over his loss of Captaincy. This look to be very messy if it does.
Michael has stated that he was given no reason for being stripped of the role and is now on paid leave.

Paul Nixon the coach says they want Michael to to stay at Grace Road although the club itself has not commented.

well Paul, we all know what a 'chatty  lad' you were in your playing days, time to get that chat going and sort this out if you want Carbs to stay.

Rightio its time to go.

Busy day ahead and not a lot of time left to complete the sort out and clear up of work outstanding before D Day.

have a great day and don;t work too hard!

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Sunday slow down.

Although I was wide awake with the blackbirds this morning I have had a rare lie in. I actually had scared the life out of myself watching 'Whitechapel' series 4 last night ( note to self never move to Whitechapel), but this morning decided to see the conclusion. And it was good!

Beds now stripped, washing machine on and I am good to town to have a little look around the shops.

Well now, yesterday was a fabulously full day as Philip and Carole came up to visit, Philip has made me the most amazing garden chair (Adirondack chair), fully resplendent in Yorkshire colours too!. I also got a new bird house and this morning I noticed  there was a lot of interest in it.

We had such a wonderful few hours catching up and just chattering, the best way to spend Saturday, although the drive back for them was not so good as the heavens opened!

Everything crossed that we meet up in two weeks.

News from Yorkshire that Captain Ballance has stood down and Steve Patterson has taken over.
It takes a good man to admit he cannot maintain the job in hand, we all hope that Gazza now secures more runs. He is a great cricketer.
Steve is the silent member of the team, the butt of many jokes but still a workhorse.
I know he will steer the ship in the direction that we want.

England were in action yesterday and beat the Aussies  but only by 38 runs. it could have gone the other way.
Some great performances on both sides , Roy with a century for England and Marsh  with one for Australia.
The match was affected by the weather , however the result made up for it.

Interesting to see that David Warner is going to play in the CPL!!!!!!

Worcestershire and Kent are in One Day cup action today so I need to get organised so that I can watch.

I hope that you all have a wonderful Sunday what ever you are doing.

Saturday, 16 June 2018

busy day

Well its Saturday , its a busy one as I  am having visitors today. Lunch it nearly prepped and I have been out a foraging spree too. ( well a foraging reccy)

All before 6am.

I have also been checking flights to London 'just in case' I need to book one on Monday night!!!

 Everything here in the chateau is geared to Mondays game,I think that we can see the talent that we have in the wings, it is great to see them making their mark!
In Galey we trust!

It has been an interesting week with the players at the club.

Hoddy retiring had to be the biggest blow to my week.

The news that Bressy was exploring other options was a bit of a shock.

 David Willey revealed that club nearly ripped up his contract when he headed off to the IPL, so yesterday he quickly scrawled his mark on a one year extension..................

............and then last night Liam Plunkett was said to be exploring other options.
Ah yes, the lad who was came to Yorkshire with his tail between his legs after exiting Durham with another drink driving ban and appearing to be washed up cricket wise.
How quickly his fortunes turned around under the beady eye of Yorkshire.
Not many players get a second chance at England.

I am sure there will be more to come on this.

And now to today, lots to do and there is an England ODI today as they take on the Aussies again.

very special visitors coming too, so a great day ahead.

Heave a great Saturday!