Saturday, 23 March 2019

Happy weekend

And what better way to start the weekend, opening the curtains and seeing Headingley.

Never fails to make me smile.

I guess that as much as I want to live abroad, I really am a Yorkshire girl at heart.

I have two routes that I take to get here and both involve some of the most wonderful scenery, Yorkshire really is a beautiful place.

Today though is about the AGM and finding out what is going to be happening at the club. And for me its to find out what we are doing to move forward.What the chairman is bringing to the table.
Interesting to see how this goes.

Sad to see in tabloids that another cricketer has been caught with his whites down.
True or not, I would have thought that anyone in the public eye would think twice.

Well super duper short one today as I have to now put my slap on , twirl my curls and get out the door to hotfoot it round the corner to the meeting.

Have a fabulous Saturday, I'll not be here tomorrow as it is blog rest day.

Friday, 22 March 2019

End of the week.........

and the start of a few days get away, tomorrow is the AGM so that is all to look forward to and then next week, I am off on my jollies for a few days ( 4 to be precise).

I so excited, I have packed and unpacked, and repacked my bag at least a dozen times. To be honest I need very little as I will be sleeping, sunbathing and reading for the most part.

However lets  get today out out of the way, and first up is the visit to see Big Al and put in the breakfast order.

We need it today, after a rather explosive management meeting yesterday. less of that as I promised not to bore you with work woes.

Well now, Durham, never a club to shy from controversy, have announced that they have named Cameron Bancroft captain, this after  news that they were unsure if he would play all season.
Interesting to watch this fiasco.

I think that I need to pop into B & Q at lunchtime and stock up on sandpaper, just to be on the safe side!

Poor old crocked Reece Topley has had a hard couple of seasons but now it appears that both Middlesex and Sussex are looking at him as a possible signing. Hope that all goes well for him this season as injury has been his best friend in the past couple of years.

And now off to get Fry up day started.

Time to go and see the very jolly Big Al, he is a real tonic with his beaming smile and laugh, just what you need to set you up for the day.

Happy Friday

Thursday, 21 March 2019

Time to get organised

Well here we are at Thursday and I have managed to get the last things in the bag for next week, as well as run the hoover and flick the duster over the Chateau for the viewing on Saturday morning. Yes it was all go last night.

I've also been approached about another job..................and  I'm glad that I am going away as it will give me time to consider whether to jump from this ship.
I can see that lots of changes may all happen at once.

 Harry Gurney it was announced that he had 'retired' from County Championship cricket to concentrate on the white ball game.
Well, no he hasn't 'retired' he has turned his back on the game that got him where he is today in search of fame and riches in other formats ( obviously hoping that he will get a '100' contract).

Good luck mate, have fun with the 'elite'.

Wonder how long before he does a 'Rashid'?

Plans have been made for the away match at Nottingham, I am driving down Friday evening, and going to the match Saturday and Sunday. I am super excited about this.

However there are a few weeks to go before this happens so best get on and face the day.

We have a blue sky, jet trails and singing birds, it makes you realise that cricket is just around the corner.

have a great day where ever you are.

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

time to take the bull by the horns

Another day another dollar as the saying goes, and this is how I am thinking about everyday at work now, its sad that there is no pleasure in your daily grind, but thats life I guess.

I have got a viewing on the chateau this weekend, luckily I will be away in Leeds so I will leave them to it. I have everything crossed that it goes well so that I can finally move and start a new chapter.

The IPL is  set to make its appearance, the game that has unintentionally sounded the death knell for County cricket here in the UK. I am still to be convinced that it is the right thing here in the UK, everyone I know that loves cricket is not for the franchise format coming here.
Will I be going to see any matches when it finally arrives?
I can honestly say no I won't!

Yorkshire seem to be doing OK in there matches in South Africa, I suggest though that they don;t put the thermals away yet.

All of @weareteamben are getting very excited about the season and all that it may hold for our young star, its exciting to be part of the start of a young players cricket life.

Lets get the week over, the AGM done and let the cricket season commence.

have a great day.

Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons!

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

A bright start

It is so nice to travel to and from work in day light, I hate the dark mornings and evenings, however I haven't managed to have the usual energy spurt and think that I am just too tired, next weeks holiday cannot come quickly enough and I am really looking forward to a few days away, but lets get the AGM out of the way first.

Bad news for Warwickshire as the man with no lips is out for 3 months with a ligament injury.
That really is a blow before the season has really started.

Most county teams are away on pre season jollys and although they all say that it is essential for the teams to get out and play in the sunshine and heat, I wonder ( especially in cash strapped clubs) how they can seriously afford this.
The other side of this is, send them to South Africa, the UAE, The Caribbean, for a couple of weeks, bit of cricket, bit of sunbathing, bring them home to play in  the cold of April and they are right back where they were before they packed their speedos!!!!. 
So in effect they are really just having a holiday with cricket thrown in.

Well when in Rome and all that jazz, I'm going to have some heat and culture next week.

Ive started to get my South Africa game plan in to action too, as my personal travel rep out there has selected me 3 hotels. Also there will be a couple of wine tours, olive oil tasting and also chocolate tasting from all accounts.
Its all coming together.

and now its time to head off onto the 167 and work my way through the traffic.

Have a great Tuesday

Monday, 18 March 2019

Happy Monday

Well its Monday and time to look ahead to this week, try to put a positive spin on it.
After a busy weekend, I think that I need to go to work for a rest, although no chance of that!

So Saturday was a cold wet day and I did all the jobs that I had to do and then got ready to party.
I had told myself, not to party too hard as I had the house viewing the next morning.
A great evening was had by all, I got dropped off at home a little wobbly, and very tired.

And then fast forward to 6am when I got a 2 messages from friends in South Africa, one in Cape Town and one on Jo'berg. Well that was the end of my lie in. After a phone conversation with Cape Town, I got up and ready to go and 2nd view the house.

So eldest sister came too, and she thought much the same as me.
Perfect for me, work to be done, ( as could be seen better now that it is empty), and just what I am looking for.
So just hoping for a quick sale here, which hasn't been helped by the idiots who smashed the For Sale sign on Friday night and then completely destroyed it on Saturday!

Quick trip to town, coffee with the sister and then home to go back to bed for an hour.........only to have a call from Jo'berg!
Obviously I was not meant to have extra sleep.

And then there was cricket and all fanfare to announce the return of the cheats.
Yes Smith and Warner are back, apparently welcomed with open arms.
Good luck to them, they are not going to have it easy when they play I guess.

South Africa won the One Day series 5-0, albeit in the last game, byDuckworth Lewis.

And so back to today, its dry and the sun is up.
I have a lot to do at work this morning and then things to do after work, its all set to be a busy work, especially on the home front.

Have a great day.

Don't let anyone dull your sparkle.

Saturday, 16 March 2019

wash out!

And I don't mean hanging the washing out either, at this rate it will be wetter than when it came out of the machine!
its absolutely pouring own, the bottom of the drive is flooded ( due to the drains never being cleared ),  I nearly have a moat around the chateau!
I have to go to town and I do not feel like it at all.

sad news for me in the cricket world is that JP Duminy will retire  form ODI's after the world cup.
I am fearing the 'R' word in relation to Dale and Faf very much. Its too much for a lady to comprehend on a wet Saturday morning.

as it is raining and the day looks to be a bit of a horrible one, I think that cooking, cleaning and washing can wait until tomorrow and I will get on with knitting and 'faffing' around with crafty things. Then get myself 'dolled' up to go out tonight.
as it is looking to be a late one it will really be a blog rest day tomorrow.

Cricket in NZ was cancelled yesterday after the terrible events. Thoughts are with everyone in the peaceful nation and especially my friends there.

Sometimes it makes you wonder!

And now I will stop wondering and start wandering, as I  head off out into the cold and rain.

And as for the 2 viewings....well both had what I wanted, but one was very tired and needed a huge amount of work, the other was newly renovated, BUT, had a teeny tiny kitchen and no dishwasher space, there are some things that I cannot compromise on.

So back for a second viewing tomorrow on Tuesdays house.

Have a fabulous weekend.